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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA by Diana Peterfreund!

"Centuries after wars nearly destroyed civilization, the two islands of New Pacifica stand alone, a terraformed paradise where even the Reduction—the devastating brain disorder that sparked the wars—is a distant memory. Yet on the isle of Galatea, an uprising against the ruling aristocrats has turned deadly. The revolutionaries’ weapon is a drug that damages their enemies’ brains, and the only hope is rescue by a mysterious spy known as the Wild Poppy.

On the neighboring island of Albion, no one suspects that the Wild Poppy is actually famously frivolous aristocrat Persis Blake. The teenager uses her shallow, socialite trappings to hide her true purpose: her gossipy flutternotes are encrypted plans, her pampered sea mink is genetically engineered for spying, and her well-publicized new romance with handsome Galatean medic Justen Helo… is her most dangerous mission ever.

Though Persis is falling for Justen, she can’t risk showing him her true self, especially once she learns he’s hiding far more than simply his disenchantment with his country’s revolution and his undeniable attraction to the silly socialite he’s pretending to love. His darkest secret could plunge both islands into a new dark age, and Persis realizes that when it comes to Justen Helo, she’s not only risking her heart, she’s risking the world she’s sworn to protect.

In this thrilling adventure inspired by The Scarlet Pimpernel, Diana Peterfreund creates an exquisitely rendered world where nothing is as it seems and two teens with very different pasts fight for a future only they dare to imagine."

Across a Star-Swept Sea is dark and beautiful companion novel to Diana Peterfreund's For the Darkness Shows the Stars that expands and further illustrates the fantastical dystopian world.

The story's MC this time around is Persis Blake, a socialite whose alter ego is Wild Poppy who I really enjoy reading about; her duality was intriguing and complex without ever being over bearing or demeaning. Also, she was badass!! The other POV's are Justen and Remy, who when combined with Persis all make for three different personalities, but one really good story!

The story itself is fast paced and thrilling and kept me entertained through the length of the novel. The writing is crisp and the transitions between the characters and chapters was done very well!

My only issue was the romance; most people will LOVE it, but I felt it was too "of course" of a romance. The heroes ride off into the sunset. I wanted something a little more complicated, but like mentioned, it will probably appeal to most readers! (I could have done without)

Over I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to have a physical to add to my book shelf right next to For Darkness Shows the Stars - those covers are awesome!



  1. oh beautiful cover! loves the share.

  2. Good review Valen! I love this cover. Soap opera beautiful.