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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Gets Supernatural Spin-Off TV Series: RAVENSWOOD!?!?

"NEW YORK (AP) — ABC Family is banking big on its biggest hit Pretty Little Liars, green-lighting it for another season and approving a spinoff.

The network announced Tuesday it renewed the series starring Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson for a fifth season.

The new show Ravenswood will follow five strangers whose lives become intertwined by a deadly curse that has plagued their town for generations.

Pretty Little Liars is about teens in the fictional town of Rosewood, Penn., whose best friend was murdered. Since her death they’ve been continuously harassed via text and pranks by a mysterious figure known as “A.” It’s based on the best-selling book series by Sara Shepard.

Ravenswood is slated to premiere in October.

Pretty Little Liars returns for season four in June." Times.com

I guess that zombie and ghost that made an appearance in the Halloween ep were real??



Sounds interesting.

Cannot wait to see how it turns out!

What do you think??

Bad idea??





  1. I just read an article about this today as well..
    I'm hooked on PLL so I'll continue that I'm sure but I don't know about Ravenswood...


    1. Yeah, its a bit strange...but I have faith that the ppl behind PLL know what they are doing. Fingers crossed it will be good!!


  2. Sounds like Secret Circle to me, but hopefully this will actually be good.

    1. Agreed. A resemblance in nature to SC...We'll see how it turns out..


  3. lol supernatural?? in PLL world?? lol that is stupid.