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Friday, March 8, 2013

James Dashner THE MAZE RUNNER Film Gets Cast!!?

"Hollywood’s dystopian treasure hunt is now in full swing. After “The Hunger Games” yielded $408 million in box office spoils, studios are scrambling to be the first to serve up a cinematic meal that satisfies that cross-generational audience hungry for more high-stakes post-apocalyptic adventure placing a group of plucky teens in peril.

It now looks like the upcoming adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner has made significant strides to challenge its competition, with yesterday’s announcement that “Chronicles of Narnia” star Will Poulter has boarded the elevator down into the film’s labyrinthine underworld. Poulter will play the bestselling book’s protagonist, Thomas, a memory-wiped teen who lands among a group of sixty boys who have spent two years learning to survive in an alternate reality known as “the glade,” which takes the form of a maze from which there is seemingly no escape. Thomas takes it upon himself to re-examine clues and gather the information necessary to attempt to lead the pack of lost boys out of captivity. . .Read More"
Have you read The Maze Runner??

Are you excited??

Don't care??

Like the casting thus far???

--Valen Steel


  1. LOL. All I see when I look at the pik of him is that annoying child in that godawful Narnia movie. But, I dont mind him.

  2. Awe he grew up really cute.

  3. Poulter was cast as Gally, not Thomas...