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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIVERGENT CASTING NEWS!! Tori, Christina, Caleb and FOUR?!?!

"From the brink of apocalypse, humanity has reorganized itself into five factions, each of which uphold and live by a single core value. Those who believe society fell apart because of greed formed the faction of Abnegation (the Selfless), sworn off of practices considered self-indulgent and pledged to act selflessly. Those who believe the collapse was due to ignorance pledged themselves to the Erudite (the Intelligent), sworn to a never-ending path of complete knowledge acquisition. Those who feel that human duplicity wreaked havoc in the world took the banner of Candor (the Honest), pledging to always speak their minds and the truth. Those who feel that aggression was the root of society’s collapse became the members of Amity (the Peaceful), taking the mantle of peace at all costs. And finally, those who feel that the root of all their problems stemmed from cowardice formed the tribe of the Dauntless (the Brave), the faction of the courageous and strong."

"Monday, March 11, 2013

Casting News: Tori, Christina, and Caleb!

Yes! I am beyond excited to be able to share this news with you at last!

Maggie Q has been cast as Tori...

Zoe Kravitz has been cast as Christina...

and Ansel Elgort has been cast as Caleb!

They are all extremely talented (not to mention spectacular matches for the characters in my head) and I'm so happy that they're going to be a part of the Divergent movie.

Veronica Roth
Also, the rumor is that Alexander Ludwig (right), who played Cato in the Hunger Games flick is close to nabbing the role of Four!!
What do you think about that??
Love this casting!!
Maggie Q kicks some serious ass in Nikita and Zoe was brilliant in the X-Men: First Class!!
Cannot wait!!


  1. I saw a tweet from Alexander today saying he is will not be playing Four. I think he tweeted it to PerezHilton if any wants to confirm. The other casting news is pretty exciting though, I think they are great choices.

    1. I wouldn't have bough Alexander as Four anyways. I agree, others, great choices!


  2. I am fine with this casting, Ansel or Zoe's acting so I'll have to wait and see about them, but my question is how their going to make Maggie Q look 18 or so. I love Maggie Q's acting, I loved her as Nikita, but she looks to old in my mind for Tris. We'll have to see what the makeup deparment does.

    Other then that I think Maggie Q is perfect for Tris. She was perfect as Nikita, who is a kick butt character and I think she would just be awesome as Tris, who is another kick butt character.

    Can't wait for this movie!! what year does it come out again?

    1. Maggie Q is cast as Tori, not Tris lol. But it is coming out in March 2014!! So pumped!!

    2. I really like the casting as well, but Maggie will be playing Tori. ;~)


  3. Maggie Q is so kickass in Mikita, I agree! Love the casting too xD