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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM TV Series Finds Its Julian Freeman!!?!

"Gregg Sulkin has just joined the cast of the upcoming Fox series Delirium!

According to Deadline, the 20-year-old British actor has landed a role in the small screen adaption, based on the book of the same name from Lauren Oliver.

Delirium is set in world where love is deemed illegal and is able to be eradicated with a special procedure. But with 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, defiant teen Lena Holoway (Emma Roberts) does the unthinkable and falls in love.

Gregg is set to play Julian Fineman, the son of wealthy political leader who supports the use of the brain modification, which has Julien conflicted about having to undergo a surgery to remove his feelings." justjaredjr.com

Seriously, they honest to blog could have not chosen someone better. He is is exactly how I imagined Julian.
Perfect casting.
Next we need Hanna & Alex please!
What do you think of Gregg?


  1. omg! he is so adorable! Ia gree he would make the perfect Julien!

  2. YES! So cute! Love him in PLL.