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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


"Fifteen-year-old Raim lives in a world where you tie a knot for every promise that you make. Break that promise and you are scarred for life, and cast out into the desert.

Raim has worn a simple knot around his wrist for as long as he can remember. No one knows where it came from, and which promise of his it symbolises, but he barely thinks about it at all—not since becoming the most promising young fighter ever to train for the elite Yun guard. But on the most important day of his life, when he binds his life to his best friend (and future king) Khareh, the string bursts into flames and sears a dark mark into his skin.

Scarred now as an oath-breaker, Raim has two options: run, or be killed.

A gripping YA action-adventure fantasy, the first part of a planned duology."

SR - Spotlight Reads

Release Date: June 2013

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This sounds really fantastic!!

A YA novel with a male lead?? With an actual story???

Sign me up!!

Cannot wait to read!




  1. Great share! I discovered this book just recently and am looking forward to reading it!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  2. That cover is fantastic! Cant wait to read it too! Thanks.

  3. This does sound really good! I cannot wait to read it. I cant find it on Amazon though. Why?

  4. About time We get a male lead to swoon over Lol. Great share!