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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS News: Are They Recasting the LIARS?!?!?

"Pretty Little Liars is a huge hit, which is great. However, if its success continues, the show will be faced with the same dilemma all successful high school shows eventually run into: What do you do when the girls graduate?

"The classic solution is to have all of the characters wind up at the same college, so we wouldn't be shocked to see the Liars at Hollis (though getting Spencer [Troian Bellisario] there would require some impressive manipulations). However, sometimes shows go a different route, and recently executive producer Oliver Goldstick revealed that the PLL Powers That Be have toyed with the idea of introducing four totally new Liars when the current crop graduates.

While we trust the PLL creators, the idea of moving on with four new characters seems awfully hard to us. The Liars are the heart of the show! On the other hand, we've adjusted to big cast changes on shows like Glee and the UK version of Skins, so maybe we'd warm up to newbies on PLL, too.

Of course, this is all very theoretical, since Oliver said the girls probably wouldn't graduate until Season 5 anyway. But we want to know: Would you potentially watch the show without them?

Find more Pretty Little Liars spoilers here." Courtesy of Wetpaint.com

What do you think of this news???

Me: Crazy. But, hm.

Would you watch the show if the four liars left???

Me: Of course, if it still good.

And would you buy them being seniors in season 3, but not graduating high school until season 5????

Me: No. haha. no. Though on Vampire Diaries only a year and half has passed in Mystic Falls compared to the 4 year reality. So. hrmmm.

Also, Spencer found out that Toby is A, what was your reaction??

Me: Damn. So sad, so awesome. *smack*



p.s. I. Marelene King creator of PLL said that watch out, 'cus black hoodies maybe what the A Team wears, but Red is now the new Black. hrmmmm....


  1. holy crap no! that would be aweful!

  2. "Noooooooooooo!!!" <<< That is the only response that echoed in my head as soon as I read your post.

  3. I don't think I would like it, but I'm like that anyway. I don't like big cast changes; I'm very unhappy with Glee, for example. Plus, I really love Hanna. I can't imagine a new Liar I would like as well.

  4. I would boycott this show if they did that. I love Emily. She was such a groundbreaking gay character and to just get rid of the struggle and resolution would be really bad. Spencer is awesome as well.