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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM Trilogy WILL Be A TV Series!!!

"The adaptation rights to Lauren Oliver's hit dystopian Delirium Trilogy were scooped by Fox 2000 back in February, 2011 and while book three is still unreleased at this time, some production news has now come down on that project.

Rather than being adapted into a film series, as is common for the YA Fiction genre these days, Oliver's series will be readied for the small screen!

As announced by TV Line on Tuesday, Prison Break's Karyn Usher scripted and will produce the Fox-ordered drama show.
Oliver responded to the news on her Tumblr page yesterday, writing that the network "decided that due to the complexity of all the side plots and characters, the Delirium series might be better suited for TV, as we’d have a chance to explore all of those elements." Evidently, this has been her authorial preference all along, too.

"I know that some of you are concerned that a TV show will be 'untrue' to the books," she further wrote, "due to the need to add content in order to flesh out the story to a full season. Never fear! Look, the books will always be the books. No adaptation, either for film or TV, will or can completely replicate and remain faithful to them—it’s a totally different art form!" This'll certainly be something to keep a watchful eye on.

For those unfamiliar with this work, the Delirium Trilogy follows a young girl named Lena whose society rids its citizens of feelings of love but who falls for a boy just before her surgical intervention is set to take place. She then goes on the run to face the wild unknown beyond her civilization's boundaries.

Requiem, the series' third and final installment, hits shelves on Mar. 5, 2013." Courtesy of EXAMINER.COM

Fox has a HUGE history of cancelling good shows, so I can only hope this happens and stays on air!!

Cannot wait!!

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  1. I like the idea of it but I would hate to see it "cheesed" up for television purposes. Hope they can keep it as true to the books as possible. It would be nice to have a weekly dose.

  2. idk about this. Lena is young, so they better not make her adult for sake of appealing to an older audience.

  3. I haven't read this series yet... though I've heard wonderful things. Since I'm not currently attached to the books, I'm completely interested in what they'll do with it on the little screen.

    Hopefully everyone will be happy...