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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT Film Casting Alert: Tris!!???

" Well Divergent fans, the time for tests and simulations is over! Things are finally ramping up on the movie front with our first bit of casting news: we may have found our Tris! As we reported yesterday, actress Shailene Woodley (PICTURED LEFT) (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Descendants) is currently in talks to play the 16-year-old protagonist of Veronica Roth’s popular YA trilogy. And, truth be told, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Here are five reasons why I’m excited by this casting:

1. Woodley was one of the contenders to play Katniss in The Hunger Games: The role ultimately went to Jennifer Lawrence, of course, and Woodley has since admitted that the other actress was the right choice. She told MTV in March: “Yeah, I definitely auditioned. It wasn’t, like, a great audition. But I think that Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for that role.” Why is this a good thing? It means she’s familiar with the kind of audience Divergent will attract and that she’s prepared to take on the responsibility of playing a character that could draw lot of attention — media and otherwise.

2. She’s got cred as an actress: Okay, I know a lot of people will be scandalized by the fact that their potential Tris was also the star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. But have you seen The Descendants? Woodley delivers a powerful performance as a drinking, cursing teen seething with resentment for her father. Imagine how hard it is to act as though you dislike George Clooney. The girl should have gotten an Oscar for that alone. Plus, she comes with a stamp of approval from Clooney himself: “She really elevates that role from a stereotype. You can write and direct it. But at the end of the day, someone has to play it.”

3. She’s committed to her TV show: Say what you will about Woodley or The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but even in the midst of all the hubbub surrounding The Descendants, Woodley stayed firmly committed to the ABC Family series for another two seasons. It has since been cancelled, but Woodley never made the move to ditch it herself in favor of her burgeoning film career. She respects her work, regardless of what anyone says. That’s who I want to see sign on to a franchise that has such lasting potential: someone who will stick with it through the end (which you know is going to be four movies) even if she gets higher profile offers. (There’s rumors E L James wants her for Fifty Shades of Grey…) . . .READ MORE AT ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY "

Admittedly, she was not my first ideal (idea) choice for this role.

I really really wanted the stunning Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story fame, because this young lady can act so intensely and precisely that it is both terrifying and beautiful. She was brilliant. (Pictured Right)
Also, I hate The Secret Life of the American Teenager because the storylines and acting are so appalling. However, Ms. Woodley was recently nominated for an Oscar, which means she can act, so that is what makes me satisfied. Also, she does LOOK the part and I can believe her going from a timid girl to a kick-ass super chick, so that's a plus!

In the end, I have faith that the people behind this film will do their best to not only please the fans by casting the RIGHT person for each role, but by also being true to story and Veronica Roth's creation.

Also, the director of the film is Neil Burger who directed The Illusionist and Limitless.

So what are your thoughts???

Hate it?

Love it?

Terrified by it??

Who did you want for Tris??

What about Four???

Lemme Know!


p.s. This is only talk. Shailene has not accepted the role yet and she might not, because she is also in talks to play Mary Jane Watson in the new AMAZING SPIDERMAN film opposite Emma Stone. But if she is smart, she will take both roles and make it work!

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  1. Max Irons as Four 100% as for Tris. I dont hate the actress. i could see her in Insurgent but in Divergent i dont know if she could play the chemistry well with Four