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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale "The Departed"!! Holy Sh*t.....

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale premiered less then 20 minutes ago and all I can think is - -  well, honestly, all I can think is that I cannot wait for season 4!!

It was truly amazing and thrilling and tearjerker.

So much happened!!

And like I thought in my last post concerning the photo above, Elena is indeed, now a vampire!

Holy crow! Holy crow! Holy crow!

I know some people are going to hate this and though I wish they would have given her just one more season as a human, I'm glad she is a vampire now, cus it had to eventually happen....I guess. Either way, it is awesome!!!

So much happened in this ep.

Alaric died. It was extremely sad and great and just so sad.

Klaus was killed, but not really......

Bonnie is apparently and awesomely going all Dark Willow!! Really hope she does.

Matt might be dead. I sure hope not. He doesn't do much, but we need a human.

Damon's face as he watches Alaric die and realize that Elena is now dead....That was incredibly touching.
This was just a stunning season and a stunning episode!!

I really wish TVD was another network so that it could get more promotion and more viewership, but honestly, despite be a very low rated show, its the CW's highest rated show and will be around for at least five more seasons! Yes!

A Future Blooms....

It indeed does!

What are your thoughts???

Elena all Vampy awesome?? Lame?? Watevs???

And where the heck is Katherine!????!!

So excited for season 4 -

Peace and Gravy,

~Valen Steel