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Thursday, April 26, 2012

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Is Elena Going to Become a Vampire in Season Finale?!!?! OMIBUFFY!!

After the amazing episode of The Vampire Diaries today, I just had to learn about what was coming up on TVD and I found out about a really nice piece of info.....

A poster of Elena looking beautiful with the ambiguous tag: A Future Blooms was posted on the web a few days ago and the rumors are as following:

This is Elena deciding if she will be with Stefan. With Damon. Or Alone. Personally, I think she should choose the latter and then end up with Damon. Or Stefan. Who knows.... Like Ghosty Rose said, Stefan is perfect for Elena, but Damon and Elena together makes them both better...or worse.....

The other gossip is that this Tatia. The Original doppelganger that Klaus and Elijah fell for. Would love to see her in present time or flash backs....

Also, more rumors is that this is another human doppleganger.

But the most popular theory, especially with the A Future Blooms tag, is that this stunning poster is in fact Elena finally becoming a vampire. TVD creators, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have said that Elena would eventually have to become a vamp, so is this it?!?!? Will Elena be turned???

I have not a clue and I don't really care either way, because I have full faith in the cast and crew of VD. They always deliver and I know what ever this poster means, it will be one amazing finale!!

The finale is said to be all about flashbacks. We will see how Elena was saved by Stefan in the car crash, her romance with Matt and some other great stuff!

So what do you think??


Will crazy Shinning Alaric die or will he be normal again??



Bonnie!! Will she ever be around though magick is not needed??? I sure hope so.... And will she go fully dark????

Who else loves Caroline????

Carloine and Klaus??? For me....oddly, yes.....


Lemme Know!


p.s. If you watch and care - Nick is alive on The Secret Circle. Interesting. But that show should be cancelled. All the potential, but failed.....

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