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Monday, March 19, 2012

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season Finale!!! 'A' Is Revealed!!! And IT is . . . .

On the season 2 finale of ABC Family's hit show, Pretty Little Liars, the big reveal of the shows omnipresent antagonist has been unleashed and it was . . . . .  . . . . .. .
Earlier on I def saw it coming....

Then I thought it was Jenna...
For  a while I thought it was Melissa, Spencer's sister....That girl is crazy, she did something.
Then I thought it might be Spencer's mom, because of the whole Alison blackmailing her family and all......

But nope.....the first person I ever thought it was, but slowly stopped believing it was, WAS --- MONA!!!!

.......or was it?!?!?
After Mona knocks Spencer out and owning up to being 'A' she quickly, but surely tells Spencer that she is either going to die or join the "A-Team" . . .

This makes me think that there is def more then one sneaky little 'A' running around causing trouble......and they are apart of the "A-Team".....

What is Jenna up to and who was she talking to in the park?????
Melissa was clearly the Black Swan, right?!?!?!
And why was Lucas talking to Jenna and the Black Swan???? Is he an 'A'????

What. On. Earth. Is. Going. On......?!?!?

Also, did anyone notice the girl in the red dress during the masquerade???? When Caleb ad Mona appear, there is a girl in the background with a red dress, long blonde hair and gold mask......I think she was the one who visited Mona at the end of the episode...All they showed was a red side and though many might think it might be Vivian Darkblooms's red coat I think it was the girl with the red dress at the ball....and I think that girl is Hanna's new stepsister, Kate Randall. And I think she is apart of the exclusive "A-Team".....
But we shall see this summer, when Pretty Little Liars season three premieres on June 5!!!!

p.s. This season ended how the first season began...with a body bag leaving Allison's house....Was it Maya?!?!? Can't wait to find out!!

Til then,



  1. I love this series :) And the finale was so great.Can't wait until the next season. I also didn't suspect Mona...but I've read the books so I know who's A :)

    1. Though I was sorta underwhelmed by the finale, I am soooo EXCITED for next season!