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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Release Date Repost: THE BUTTERFLY CLUES by Kate Ellison!!!

Happy Release Day The Butterfly Clues and Congrats to Kate Ellison!!

The Butterfly Clues is a well written drama about murder, mystery and love, mixed with just the right touch of wit and extremely interesting characters!!
Author: Kate Ellison
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Age Group: YA
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Page Count: 336
Source: ARC (Netgalley & EgmontUSA)


"Penelope (Lo) Marin has always loved to collect beautiful things. Her dad's consulting job means she's grown up moving from one rundown city to the next, and she's learned to cope by collecting (sometimes even stealing) quirky trinkets and souvenirs in each new place--possessions that allow her to feel at least some semblance of home.

But in the year since her brother Oren's death, Lo's hoarding has blossomed into a full-blown, potentially dangerous obsession. She discovers a beautiful, antique butterfly pendant during a routine scour at a weekend flea market, and recognizes it as having been stolen from the home of a recently murdered girl known only as "Sapphire"--a girl just a few years older than Lo. As usual when Lo begins to obsess over something, she can't get the murder out of her mind.

As she attempts to piece together the mysterious "butterfly clues," with the unlikely help of a street artist named Flynt, Lo quickly finds herself caught up in a seedy, violent underworld much closer to home than she ever imagined--a world, she'll ultimately discover, that could hold the key to her brother's tragic death."

The Cover: The cover is amazing! I really love it and whoever designed it did a brilliant job! It also actually has something to do with the story itself. 5 out of 5!!
Teaser Quote: "I think you're being slightly paranoid." Graham exchanges a look with Pike . . . "Have you ever experienced delusions? Hallucinations of any kind?" She pauses, asks in a gentle sing-song voice of principals and priests. " Have you ever heard any voices?"
"No - no!" The words push forward, my fists pound the table. " I'm not paranoid. I need your help. You - you have to help me." Page 215.

My Thoughts . . . .

The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison is not the typical YA book or rather not the kind of YA book that is considered 'popular', but I would really like to see more books like this, because though it wasn’t perfection, it was extremely refreshing and interesting and honestly, really really really good.
Though something’s I found annoying, such as the sometimes jumpiness, the story threads, the police – actually I found them really annoying and Lo getting herself into rather crazy situations annoying (now that I think about it, I like them ‘cus they sorta reminded me of Veronica Mars) the book was a good, solid read!
Lo was a good protag. She was completely herself and a unique character. Lo had OCD and some other problems that hindered her personally, but really added to her character. She had to perform rituals that are usual with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, like having to say names threefold, and this really played a key point to the story itself. I love it when the character's personality have an effect on the story! Lo was NOT a Mary Sue and was not a goody-goody. She stole and she lied, like, a lot and I liked it. I like when the reader gets to experience real and flawed characters, which she and most others were and though her lying may or may not have been due to her OCD, I loved that she did it because it added another layer to her character. Plus the stealing provided her with some sort of emotional connection that she was otherwise lacking. I also enjoyed that she dressed up like a stripper (hilarious), but that’s something you have to read to understand. Lo was a lonely character who was determined to find the truth behind her brother, Oren and Sapphire's, mysterious deaths (while still having normal, teen problems), no matter what and everything she goes through, the reader feels as well and that is due to the simple, yet intriguing and realistic writing style.
Ellison writes in a simple way that is to the point, while still maintaining descriptions. The story moves along nicelly and only really ‘stalls’ a few times, but it doesn’t last long. Ellison is a really, good writer and I enjoyed the story more than I probably would have simply because of the way she writes! The writing/story is emotional and realistic and very strong. There was something’s I thought came too easily to the characters, some clues or hints or whatnot's, but the way it was written was so suspenseful that it didn’t matter, because I was engaged in the writing, as everything was built up to a climax with words.
For me the most powerful characters where the protag herself, Lo and her love interest Flynt. While Lo was this obsessive, stern, kind of controlling character, Flynt was her opposite, a very laid back guy, who is only ‘mature’ and serious around Lo. The pair were a very nice match romantically and character wise and I really liked that Ellison did not put in the overly dramatic angst, with no plausible outcome love story, but instead had a very nice and organic, yet still angst-y romance - They are teenagers after all :^))). Once again – refreshing. Her mom and dad were not the best parents (understatement), especially her dad and though nicely written, they were two characters I did not like, which is a good thing in this case.
In the end, The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison delivers, despite the sometimes bumpy ride. Though the story is serious in context, there is a lot of character wit that will having you laughing out loud, which I thought was very smart and needed for this story. It is a book that will hook you from the beginning. You will be reading non-stop, entranced with the writing, wanting to know what happens to the characters, what happens next and you wont stop until you have reached its, grand, pretty darn emotional ending!
Question: Should you read, read, read?

Answer: Yes, Yes, Yes!!

Story: 4/5
Pace: 3.5/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Writing: 4/5
Ending: 4.5/5

The Butterfly Clues is 4 Hearts out of 5!!



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