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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A 6th Movie in THE TWILIGHT SAGA Film Franchise...."Morning Star"?!?!?!

Since Lionsgate bought Summit Entertainment, they now have the rights to The Twilight Saga and according to some whispers going on in Hollywood, a sixth film might be in the works...........

Video Below!:

Thanks to ClevverTV

What do you think?

Bad Idea?

Good Idea?

Let the franchise finally die!!!!?

And what will it be called??

Midnight Sun?

Morning Star???

A New Day?

Twilight: Jersey Shore!?!?



  1. Let the franchise finally die!!!!?

    lol''Twilight: Jersey Shore!?!?

  2. Gosh, enough is enough! what would supposed movie even be about. It isn't like Lionsgate doesn't have an amazing franchise on the way as we speak!

  3. @ roro, I know!! Let the franchise finally die already!

    @ Larissa, Right? Hunger Games is an amazing book series and I am really hoping and really believe the film will be awesome as well!!


  4. and again, no! twilight needs to die, and never come back! so in 30 years when Harry Potter is remade in 5-D, twilight will only be a time of day again and not a shitty film series or books!!!

  5. Make a sixth movie.. you guys are saying it's not going anywhere.. is that why it's become such a big saga that they want to add another?!