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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BREAKING DAWN Star Taylor Lautner is "Out and Proud"?!!?

The Twilight Saga star, Taylor Lautner has revealed to People Magazine that he is gay....


Lautner was born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Deborah and Daniel Lautner. His mother works for a software development company, while his father is a Midwest Airlines pilot. He has one younger sister named Makena. Raised as a Roman Catholic, Lautner is of mixed German, French, and Dutch heritage, and has "distant" Native American ancestry (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi) through his mother. Lautner grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids........blahblah.....

"On Tuesday, People magazine told Gossip Cop that a fraudulent cover sweeping the internet
featuring heartthrob Taylor Lautner coming out as a gay man is one huge hoax.

People Magazine spokeswoman Julie Farin told the site, "The cover in question is 100 percent fake. This began as a ridiculous Twitter joke that went viral."

Dated January 7, 2012, the faux cover quickly went viral right after Christmas. It claimed that the 19 year-old "Twilight" star (who previously dated country singer Taylor Swift) was "tired of rumors..." and that he "opens up about his decision to finally come out."

The doctored cover was well-designed enough to fool many people -- even such celebs as Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons who tweeted his congratulations to Lautner for being brave and coming out.
He soon realized it was a hoax and tweeted, "Disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be..."

Lautner's rep did not respond to Reuters requests for comment. Of late, social media hoaxes are becoming all too common. Last week, a twitter death hoax claiming rock singer Jon Bon Jovi had died took the interwebs by storm -- so much so that the rocker had to post a photo of himself on Facebook to prove he was alive. 

The authors of the Lautner hoax are not known." From nj.com!!

HAHAHAHA!!! OK, so sorry if anyone nearly had a heart attack over this, but I had to post it!! It was too funny....

Just to push the point, this is not true....Taylor Lautner has not come out of the closet and has not revealed that he is gay. It was a joke. A clever joke by someone with a lot of time on their hands, but a joke non-the-less...



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  1. I totally freaked when I saw it on Twitter, it looked so real! But then I saw the stuff saying it was a hoax. Very funny!