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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season Three Premiere!!

The season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries was better then I expected -- like, it was terrific. It skipped the cheese and went straight to the character. Stefan is bad, but he isn't evil. I mean sure, he killed Damon's girltoy, I mean girlfriend, Andy, and though I was hoping he wouldn't and hoping he would, I loved how they pulled off her death. It wasn't bloody or gruesome, he simply compelled her to jump off a studio balcony. Brutal. Horrible. And good television.

The romance and chemistry between Caroline and Tyler was very funny. It was quirky and smart and then after they teased each other, they start making out and yeah, it was good television.

Elena was moping around for Stefan, which  was of course unavoidable, but she was not annoying at all, like I thought she was going to be. Her mopin' was believable and I've got to say, she looks pretty good in a dress. That should become her new style. It was nice to see all of the teens actually acting like teens for once.

Damon showed some more heart in this ep after Andy's death and that was very nice. I like it when he is good. Being bad is overrated.

That being said ---

Bad Stefan, is awesome. Bad Stefan acutally has some serious depth and the last scene with him calling Elena, not speaking and holding back tears as she consoled him was very, very touching. And again, I say, good television! And oh yeah, Stefan is called the Ripper 'cus he rips his victims apart and then places their body parts back together. SICK!

Bonnie only made appearance via video phone, which annoyed me a lot, but hopefully she will be back soon. Vicky and Anna made appearances and it seems that Vick might be up to trouble and Anna might just be . . . .I don't know. Jeremy just keeps seeing them and he smokes weed again. Come on, Jer . . . .

Klaus is all evil torturing that guy from Seventh's Heaven who is a werewolf in TVD. He is apparently making his own army of hybrid vamps and werewolves. A bit lame and Twilight-ish, but hopefully they can pull it off.

Episode ends with Caroline doing the walk of shame from Tyler's room, getting caught by his mom, touching her purse which is laced with vervaine, which makes her burn and then she is shot in the back three times by her boyfriends' mother with wooden or vervaine bullets. She falls to the ground and then black screen and "The Vampire Diaries".

I really liked this ep and really hope that the rest of the season keeps up and stays terrific.

9 out of 10 Hearts!

Did you watch TVD SEASON 3??


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