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Sunday, September 11, 2011

TRUE BLOOD Season 4 Finale!!

The True Blood season 4 finale premiered tonight and it was interesting  - to say the least. WARNING WARNING WARNING this quick rant is spoiler ridden, so if you don't wanna know, please do not read.

Your still reading??? ---


Though for the 95% of the episode I laughed at everything, even things that were meant to be dramatic and even though I promised myself that if the episode did not amaze me (it didn't), I would no longer watch future episodes of True Blood, the last three minutes have utterly convinced me to watch season 5!

But first; this ep featured lots of deceased people, such as Sookie's Grans, Renee aka Arlene's Baby Daddy and even Jesus ---??

Yerp, Jesus, (former) boyfriend of Lafayette, was killed when Marnie possessed Lafayette and stabbed Jesus in order to attain his demon powers... That woman - that woman is krazy with a capital K!

But to stop from making this a long rant, I'm just gotta pinpoint the highlights:

* Pam finally stated the age old question: "What kind of name is SOOKIE!?!?" As she cried tears of blood over Eric.

*Jesus dying - It sucked and sorta reminded me of Buffy, when Tara dies  . . . . Hey, maybe Lafayette will go crazy too.

*Tara died. Not Tara from Buffy, but Tara from True Blood. Batshit Krazy Debbie came with a shotgun and blew her brains out. Warrant, Debbie was aiming for Sookie and Tara jumped in front of her shouting "SOOKIE!" then, "BOOM!" She's dead. ---- sucks . . . . .

*Debbie dies. Sookie put the shotgun under her chin, sat on top of her and pulled the trigger!

*Nan Flannagin dies, which sucked 'cus she was hi-larious!

*The pastor dude from season 2's Fellowship of the Sun, Theodore Newlin returned - as a vampire. Of course!

*Russel Edgington returns. No actual sightings, but his cement coffin was all broken up.

Soooo, though I really didn't care for this lame, rather cheesy episode, where Eric and Bill both acted like ball-less men, professing their love for Sooks, I will watch next season to see how things play out, to see how and if the fairies make a return and how all the deaths will be dealt with by the characters. I wont be anxiously waiting for True Blood anymore, but I do wanna know what happens next!!

Peace and Gravy,


Did/Do you watch True Blood?

What did you think of the finale?

And what are your expectations for next season???


  1. I love True Blood and have a lot of mixed reactions about the finale. I'll still be watching season 5 to see where it goes.

    About your question about "Girl of Fire and Thorns": It's not preachy, I promise! It's a fantasy book set in a different world with a different religion. The characters have a pretty strong faith but it's not like Christian fiction or anything. I definitely say check it out. I don't really like reading Christian fiction and I loved it. :)

  2. New follower. Girl of Fire and Thorns was excellent. I enjoyed it immensely. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

  3. Loved every minute of it! Must of said "oh Sh??!" 5 times....