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Monday, September 19, 2011

Macy's WENDY Webseries Episode One "In A Dream"!!

WENDY Chapter 1: "In a Dream" 

Wendy hears Pete call to her long before she sees him. He's the boy of her dreams, but he's more real than anyone she's ever known. Chapter One of WENDY marks the magical beginning to Pete and Wendy's journey, from their dreamy first encounter to the song that draws her back to him. Featuring "Save Me," performed by Tyler Blackburn.*

Visually I think its great. It's a really nice looking show and it isn't bad, like I had anticipated, at all. Some of the acting is, eh... It certainly has its fair share of camp, but its good and I will def continue to follow the episodes! I liked it.




  1. where can I watch full episodes?

  2. @Anon, The video above is very short, but it is the full episode. ;~) You can only watch the other episodes if you Suscribe to the Alloy youtube account and are a fan of the Wendy's Facebook page. Hope this helped!


  3. when is season 2 coming out??