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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Andrea Cremer's NIGHTSHADE Prequels AND The INVENTORS SECRET Steampunk Fiction!!

Andrea Cremer, author of the Nightshade series has four new books deals!!

Here Be The Deets!!:

"Win, Win

Lots of good news today! But before that - don't forget that it's Banned Books Week. Here's a link to the most frequently banned/challenged books of 2001-2010. Support libraries, booksellers, teachers, authors, and readers. Read banned books!!!

First - winners of the 5K contest. Congrats to:
Emily Rose
@vampirefan2 (via Twitter)
@BecksterMay (via Twitter)

Email your mailing address to andreacremerwrites @gmail.com and I'll get your prizes in the post!
Second, I've been keeping some awesome news under wraps for a while and now I can share: more books are on the way!!!

The official deal announcement from Publishers Weekly:

Cremer Goes Steampunk for Philomel Jill Santopolo at Penguin's Philomel imprint closed a North American rights deal for two new books by Andrea Cremer, author of the imprint's bestselling Nightshade series. Santopolo acquired the titles—one is the first book in a new steampunk series and the other is a second prequel to Nightshade—from agents Richard Pine and Charlie Olsen at Inkwell Management. The steampunk series, the first book of which is called The Inventor's Secret, is set in an alternate 19th century in which the American Revolution never happened and the British rule the world. Inventor's Secret is currently scheduled for fall 2013. The Nightshade prequel, Rise, is scheduled for summer 2013. (The final book in the original Nightshade series is coming out in January 2012, and Philomel has another Nightshade prequel already scheduled for fall 2012.

Here's a rundown of my publication schedule:

January 2012 BLOODROSE
Fall 2012 RIFT (Nightshade Prequel 1)
Spring 2013 INVISIBILITY CURSE w/David Levithan
Summer 2013 RISE (Nightshade Prequel 2)

So exciting!"

What are your thoughts??

Let Me Know!!



  1. I'm a big fan of Andrea Cremer so I'm definitely looking forward to the release of Bloodrose and the two Nightshade prequels.

    I've never read any steampunk before, but The Inventors Secret certainly sounds interesting!

  2. @ Chrissie, I love love love the world Andrea has created with the Nightshade series and will love to read the prequels as well! I dont really read steampunk either, but with Andrea writing, it should be really interesting! thanks for the comment!


  3. I picked up this book first in my whole school and now im obsessed! I can't put fhe book down! Calla's life is so tormented, she has never thought shes had a choice between her destiny but now she does! I'm so team Ren but Shay has his cool stuff too. It also only has two inappropriate parts, i soooo recomend it!

    1. I really like this series a lot as well. Cremer has created an amazing world!! But I still love/perfer the original covers styles.


  4. Could not do anything else but read and read and read! Talk about the quick comebacks that made me laugh, and wanting more. Let me not get started about the wolves, very descriptive and leave your imagination guessing. So good and so exciting....