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Saturday, September 17, 2011

ABC Family's Nine Lives of Chloe King Is Cancelled and Replaced With . . . .?

The Nine Lives of Chloe King has been cancelled . . .

Have to say, I'm not surprised, but I am still upset. I really liked this show and wanted there to be a second season or even just a full season.

Did  Jasmine and her mom actually die?

Did Chloe really kill Bryan??

Is that creepy redhead woman who killed Chloe, her mom, 'cus I always thought she was!?!?

Now, sadly, I will never know and that sucks . . . .

Its funny how how Nine Lives ended nearly the same way Kyle XY ended, with a revelation of a long, lost brother.

Anyways, The Nine Lives of Chloe, you were a great show, with even greater potential and you will be missed!

Nine Lives is reported to be replaced by ----

Strut, by Gilmore Girls writer Amy Sherman-Palladino, which is about a Las Vegas showgirl who marries a Texan and becomes a instructor for a misfit high school drill team as well as an action-drama called Intercept about college crime fighters.

Personally, both shows sound really dumb and I expect immediate cancellation, but only time will tell.

Til then,

Peace and Gravy,


What are you thoughts of Chloe King being cancelled???

Let Me Know!!

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  1. I watched Chloe King, and while I wasn't absolutely in love with it, I thought it was one of the more promising ABC shows, and I wish there would have been a better conclusion.