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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stephenie Meyers' 'Twimore: an entirely unique Twilight experience' ...??

Twimore, the number one hot spot for all Twihards has officially launched and it is an entirely unique and original take on the world that is Twilight!

For the very first time, you are able to experience the world of Twilight in a truly fresh, hand-on-hand way, unlike any other thing out there!

You can even find out your true Vampire Name!

Mine is BRIGHTSPARKLER SHINY LUvr! awesome, no??

Caleb Nation explains it all!!

If you didn't get it, this is entirely fake.....I think. I hope. I'm about 99 per cent sure that this is all make believe and for the pure enjoyment of both Harry Potter and Twilight fans!

Don't take it too seriously and don't get too angry like many people apparently are.

Its pure parody fun!!


p.s. if a real Twimore-ish website is created, i'm sure that all HP fans will band together and hunt the creators down. down!!

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