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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MTV's Teen Wolf a.k.a Angst, Drama, and Supernatural Romance!!

The season one finale of MTV's new hit series, Teen Wolf premiered tonight and though I was late on the bandwagon for Teen Wolf, (I did watch the premiere ep, and thought it awful) I am happy to say that I am now a huge fan!

The show def has its really cheesy moments, that are overly dramatic and lame, but it also has some really amazing moments, that rival those of other supernatural based shows such as Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Supernatural. I know that Teen Wolf isn't based off any sorta book or anything, but it is a genre based show and it deals with werewolves, so I figured, why not write a small post about it?

The show centers around teen Scott McCall who after being bitten by a werewolf, turns into a werewolf and has to deal, not only with his new found beastyside, but also the perils of being a high school student and being in love with the unattainable, Allison Argent.

I really like the dynamics between all the characters and I fully buy the romance between Scott and Allison, as it develops and though I really like the actors, when I first saw them standing by eachother, I thought they were brother and sister. They look alike. Not like twins or anything, just like they could be related. Its a little strange, but the chemistry between is very nice, so I ignore that.


 Dont you think they look alike???

Some of my favorite things about this show is that A) Not everything is thrown out on the table at once. There is mystery and intrigue. B) I love the slow-mo scenes. They don't only take place during action, but during dramatic and romantic scenes that add a certain emotion to the moment. The show is dark and witty and fun. And C) which occured during last weeks episode, the love interest doesn't take four, five or six seasons to learn about the protags' secrets. Its revealed, its painful, its crazy and confusing and above all a realistic reaction.

I'm not going to be reviewing this show or anything (though, I kinda already started to), I just wanted to make a random post about it, so, I guess I'm done. . .

Teen Wolf was picked up for a second season set to premiere next summer.

I really like this show and hope season two gets more viewers and doesn't go down the drain.

Did you watch the season finale?

What did you think of the death(s)?

And what do think is going to happen to Lydia??

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