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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Andrea Cremers' BLOODROSE ARCS??!??






Here Be The Deets!:

"Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of the ARC

This week has been amazing. Thank you so much to all the amazing people who've come to my signings and to those of you who I haven't been able to see in person but having been flooding my inbox, Facebook, and twitter with wonderful messages. Your support of Nightshade means more to me than I could ever express!

Now that Wolfsbane is out I'm already getting questions about Bloodrose.

If you've finished Wolfsbane you can read Chapter 1 of Bloodrose here. (Spoilers! Don't read it before Wolfsbane)

Bloodrose is the final book of the trilogy and will be published in February 21, 2012.

In the life of a book, it's common for publishers to release Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) or galleys prior to the book's publication in order to give reviewers a sense of what's coming. In the case of Bloodrose we seriously considered not creating ARCs because the final book of the Nightshade series is so loaded with spoilers we wanted to be sure none of them were leaked before February 21.

After much thought it was decided that a limited number of ARCs would be created because booksellers need to know what's in the book before they order it and hand sell it to their customers.

What this all boils down to is that there will be some ARCs out in the world, but not many. We've asked anyone who receives an advanced copy to keep its contents secret. It's so important that the story isn't spoiled. So if you see a tweet or a review (that won't actually give you much information about the book) it's because we've asked everyone to keep this story quiet. It also means that I don't have ARCs to distribute and I won't be giving any away in the lead up to Bloodrose's publication date. I hope when you read Bloodrose in February you'll think it was worth the wait :) "
I like that there will be limited ARCS 'cus that means fewer chances at spoilers!!

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