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Monday, June 13, 2011

Kiersten Whites' Supernaturally ARC Contest!!

Kiersten White is hosting a really grool contest on her blog!!!

I just learned about it today cus I have been trashed with school and work, but its really awesome and awesome!!

Here Be The Deets:!!!!

" . . . So, in honor of this being the last month before Supernaturally's release month, I'd better give away one of my advance copies. Hmmm. You know what? I'd better give away THREE of them.
It's pretty simple. You look at THIS gorgeous thing:

(edit: Supernaturally comes out July 26!!!)

And write a fake synopsis for it. Example:

Flora has always resented working in her creepy, fan-obsessed aunt's flower shop. But when she starts making prom corsages, she discovers she has a supernatural gift for creating just the right arrangement to encourage--or destroy--true love. When Nolan, her best friend and the boy of her dreams, asks her archenemy Fawn to the dance, will she use her powers for good or evil? And will her aunt ever turn off the massive fan that constantly blows her hair in a dramatic way? This July 26th: Pick your flowers, pick your fate...with SUPERNATURALLY.

  • Obviously it doesn't have to have anything to do with the actual book or series, though you are welcome to write a fake synopsis of what you think the book will really be like!
  • Enter by leaving your synopsis in the comments section of this post (on my actual blog--I never check comments on goodreads, sorry). Only one entry per person will be counted.
  • Please keep it to 150 words or fewer. I read everything, and this will save us both time and be a good object lesson in packing a punch with the fewest words possible!
  • Open internationally.
  • You may absolutely and are highly encouraged to post/tweet/facebook about this contest, and (after leaving it in the comments section) to post your entry + the cover elsewhere, too. (Please make sure to note that what you are writing is not what the book is actually about, lest we confuse the easily confused denizens of internetlandia and leave them bitterly disappointed when they discover that Supernaturally is not, in fact, about an amputee with a love of couture dresses.)
  • Deadline is Wednesday, June 15th, 11:59 PM Pacific Time, aka whenever my clock says it's 11:59.
WINNERS: One (ONE) winner will be chosen by me for being the funniest/cleverest/whatever-else-est I decide. Two (TWO) other winners will be drawn at random, meaning everyone has a shot at winning! (If you really, really don't want to, you don't even have to write a synopsis. You can just write, "Enter me for the random drawing, please!" And I will. Though I might cry a little because you were supposed to entertain me and you didn't.)

Most importantly, have fun! I can't wait to see what my book is about!"

Soooooo, go post about it, tweet and facebook it!!

I have tweeter for my blog and a facebook, but for the life of me, I cant login...but, I posted and you should too!!

Here Is What I Wrote!!:

“The night the Blood Moon rose, was a day just like any other. Its ominous glow hued the sky red and everyone marveled at its eerie beauty. But no one expected what happened next. No one knew, that the sun would never rise again – no one, but them.
Thirty-five years later…
The only life Clover Pirello has ever known is the one of red nights, the one dominated by the Fey and their leader, Reth.
When her mother, Ev, died, sacrificing her life for the love of her daughter, Clover was taken in by a mysterious woman named Vivian and was taught the myriad of magick that lied within a single touch of her finger. Magick, that demands her to fight!
Fight for her world. Fight for the boy, that she can’t help but love and fight for the secrets of her past, her mother’s past and the truth of what her powers, really mean…before it’s too late.”

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  1. idc about the contest, but your fake premise is really good. for a second thre I thought it was the real story summary. best of luck.