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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Andrea Cremer's BLOODROSE Cover Revealed!!

Though I still think the original covers are borderline amazing and prefer them over the new covers, the revelation of  Andrea Cremer's Bloodrose has gotten me really excited for Wolfsbane and Bloodrose!!

Here They Are In Order!!

Cremer says the cover of Bloodrose comes from a specific scene in the book . . .hmmm, looks like she might be somewhere cold, with the fur hood and all. Possibly Alaska? Antarctica? Siberia? Russia? Stop me, now I could go on and on . . . Iceland?  ; ^ )


p.s. just imagine how amazing the blood red backdrop would have been on the original cover style.




once again . . . .*sighs*


  1. I would have never picked up nightshade with the old cover, I looked at it in the bookstore and was like nah, flipped open cover read still didn't interest me enough to buy or read it further. When i was shopping at walmart I saw the new cover was like OO must read, I snatched it up and took it home, and I didn't realize till i got home and wanted to show the awesome cover (i really like how they layered the wolf and human so perfectly) to my boyfriend that it was the same book, just a different cover. I enjoyed nightshade and I just bought wolfsbane today to devour it up the same I did nightshade last night. And my guess without having gotten too far in wolfsbane that they may be going after the different items of wind earth and water and one of the ancient sites is near cold place?

  2. @ Allison, yeah, I would think so. I guess the next item would be in the cold place. Can't wait for Bloodrose. and really? hm, you've got to be the first person Ive heard of liking the new style cover, but I do agree that the wolf layered over the human is cool, but I still think the new covers look cheapish, like photoshop or something .. .. ..