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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Write on Wednesday (4) 5-4-11

We Write on Wednesday is a meme I host. Its all about writing a story. The story can come in the form of a short story, a poem, a full length story or even fanfiction! All you have to do is write. It doesn't matter how long it is; a paragraph, a full page, or just a sentence, as long as you write and post it on your blog!

I've noticed that many book bloggers like to write and would like to have a book written one day, including myself and this is a really fun way to share our writing and be critiqued by fellow bloggers!

Title: Eragon Fanfiction

“Eragon, you must get some rest.” whispered, the crippled elf, Orommis. They had been training all day in the glade where Orommis’s home lay root, and Eragon, succumbed to his tiredness, sat on his knees, his head drooping forward,  pearls of sweat dripping down his face and neck, was exhausted by the spell he had just attempted. The old elf had been trying to teach Eragon how to manipulate the current of the wind, by wrapping his energy in and around it.

“Its not as hard as it might sound.” He had told the young dragon rider before they began practicing. “All you have to do is detect where the wind is heading and attach your energy to it. Then after you have done that, just tell it where you want it to go and it shall listen.”

“If I may, Orommis-elda, how will this help me in life?” Eragon asked the elf who sat in his wooden chair, eating a palm full of ruby-red berries. Eragon's dark brown hair had grown a lot since he had first left his home village of Carvahall. And now standing in the mighty forest of Du Weldenvarden, he felt like a new person, because in many ways, he was. With his enhanced sight, speed and hearing he had been blessed with during his anointment in the Blood-Oath Celebration, or AgaetĂ­ Blödhren, not to mention his newly pointed ears and slanted eyes, Eragon still marveled at all the things he could do with his magic.

“Well Eragon there are quite a few things you could do with a spell such as this one. One of the many popular uses of this spell is to send letters to someone in direct route. It takes nearly no energy, for the wind puts in all the effort. All you do, is show it where to go. . . . . . .”

The Inheritance Cycle is one of my favorite book series ever, so here is a fragment of a fanfic I wrote and hope all Eragon fans enjoy!!

Thoughts? And what are you writing?

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