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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace Wayland in TMI!

 Jamie Campbell Bower has been cast to play shadowhunter Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film!

Um,  . . . . .sooooooo, yerp. Um, mmk, I am not very happy with this decision. At all. No silver lining for me. I don't care that they have finally cast Jace, if the Jace they have cast is not a good choice.

Bower is a terrific actor without a doubt (though I think Eva Green is the best thing about Camelot), but he is not at all, how Jace is described (besides the blondness). Yes, he can be made to look like Jace, but this guy is not that greatlooking, no offense. This is one of the worst choices possible. Lily Collins, playing Clary, is gorgeous, though Clary isn't suppose to be gorgeous, I adore her as Clary. Jace is supposed to be beautiful and Bower is not. He just isn't. OK, so he's not ugly, but how many girls would actually dream about falling into Bowers' arms or consider him a beautiful lion/angel/man? Not many.. He looks like a young boy, not a badass guy that has every single girl, drooling (even some guys, Alec).

Robert Pattinson isn't beautiful like Edward was meant to be, but he is a good looking guy, so he can not be an example of casting choices, gone array if one tries to use him as an example. Bower - no, just no...ugh.

I'm not sure what else to say, but I personally am not satisfied with this choice, as I'm sure most people wont be as well. Everyone can not be pleased, but I can't help but feel the casting directors where trying to mimic the casting of Pattinson as Edward, by having Bower, who clearing has the same 'dirty boy look' as Pattinson, be cast as Jace.

Please don't be a Twilight wanna be . . .

Good luck.  

Fingers crossed that everything turns out well though.

Your Thoughts?!

EDIT!: So, the author of this awesome book, Cassie Clare has stated in an interview with Hollywood Crush, that she cried when seeing Bower's audition tape because his chemistry with Collins (Clary) and his portrayal of Jace was sooooo perfect, that she knew then and there that these were her Clary and Jace. So, though I may not love this choice I am fully supporting Bower as Jace, since Cassie likes it and has seen Bower play the part of Jace and loves it - I love it too!! Only thing is and she said the same thing, is he will have to buff up a little! :^) AND, he might keep his British accent, which for me is, eh . . .


  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! My thoughts exactly! Jamie looks like a monkey! Not even a cute one. A ugly blonde monkey! Ew!!!! Hes not my have!!! Last time I checked have didn't look like a ugly monkey!!

  2. I know.... I have a crush on have. The book have. But this guy doesn't do it for me. He's kinda gross.....