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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Donald Sutherland is Pres. Snow in The Hunger Games!

Donald Sutherland has been cast to play President Snow in The Hunger Games film!!

Now, I don't dislike this casting choice, at all, in fact I am very happy with it and think its awesome, but, I do have some personal issues with it. When ever I envisioned President Snow, I always imagined a man who was maybe in his early forties. I pictured Snow as a doll-like man, almost like a porcelain/plastic looking oldish guy, who looked young and fake, if that makes any sense...Sorta like Tim Allen in Santa Claus 2, when he played the Toy Santa..Only not as big haired and jolly.

Now, I know Donald will look different in his make-up and costumes, but for me, he seems a little too old for the role, in my mind. We all know that he is an amazing actor, so I have no fears at all, with him playing Snow, I just imagined him a little differently.

Besides that, I am so, so, so, excited! The main hands have been cast!!



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