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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Write on Wednesday (3) 4-27-11

We Write on Wednesday is a meme I host. Its all about writing a story. The story can come in the form of a short story, a poem, a full length story or even fanfiction! All you have to do is write. It doesn't matter how long it is; a paragraph, a full page, or just a sentence, as long as you write and post it on your blog!

I've noticed that many book bloggers like to write and would like to have a book written one day, including myself and this is a really fun way to share our writing and be critiqued by fellow bloggers!

Title: Untitled

" 'Does it hurt?' she whispered, watching as he toyed with the silver bracelet around his wrist, 'Dying, I mean. Does it hurt?'

The boy looked at her briefly considering her question and then turned away, taking a deep breath. He watched as the waves crashed against the shore, frothing white as they hit the sand. The sun was setting and its dark orange glow glistened against the blue sea, so brightly that he had to squint his eyes.

"Yes," he said, turning back to the girl. He starred into her eyes and she could see that they shined with tears. 'Yes, it does. It hurts. But living . . . living hurts more.'"

Thoughts? And what are you writing?


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