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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Write of Wednesday (2) 4-20-11

We Write on Wednesday is a meme I host. Its all about writing a story. The story can come in the form of a short story, a poem, a full length story or even fanfiction! All you have to do is write. It doesn't matter how long it is; a paragraph, a full page, or just a sentence, as long as you write and post it on your blog!

I've noticed that many book bloggers like to write and would like to have a book written one day, including myself and this is a really fun way to share our writing and be critiqued by fellow bloggers!

We Write on Wednesday!

Everyone Has A Voice!!!

Title: Eyes of Fire 

"Emily walked down the hall, the florescent school lights beaming down on her like dozens of lamps from an interrogation room. The hall was bear, except for her. Her black heels click clacked against the marble floor, as she made her way to the basement door and down the concrete steps. As the lights in the hall went out, the lights leading down, flickered on, her will, their trigger.

The basement was cold and smelled faintly of smoke and mold, but the chill and scent did not bother Emily - if she didn't want it to. As she walked, the machines and lights around her hummed and flashed to life.

She was almost there. She could feel . . . taste the Fire and the anticipation of it made her skin crawl with energy, but she remained composed. She had to. The Fire was the only thing that could save Riel. The only thing that could save her brother. It was their only hope for salvation.

She just hoped, she wasn't too late . . . "

Thoughts? And what are you writing?

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