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Thursday, April 14, 2011

VD Season 2 Ep 18 "The Last Dance"

Here's What Happened!:

Klaus/ Alaric is looking for an outfit as Kat and he talk about Alaric's life. Klaus/Alaric is going to be impersonating Alaric. Kat wants him to kill her, but he says no. Kat is compelled to tell him everything she knows. . . and to stab herself in the leg over and over again.

But if Kat is drinking vervaine, can she really be compelled . . .?

 . . . . maybe she is faking and is just trying to gather information . . . .?

hmmmmm . . . .

The Vampire Diaries . . .

Elena is signing the deed for the Brothers' house with Bonnie. The Brothers talk about Kat and whether or not Klaus killed her.

Now that Elena is the owner of the Brothers house, she has to invite them in and she makes Damon promise to cause no trouble if she invites him in, so he agrees.

Elen, Bonnie and Stefan leave for school.

Matt is talking with Caroline's mom about how to act around her and when they are going to deal with her.

Klaus/Alaric comes into the classroom to teach the class and stares at Elena, hungrily(?).

He talks about sixties like he lived during the time, which he a'course did.

This is going to be a funny and awesome ep!

Matt pretends to be compelled to not know about Caroline as he kisses and hugs her.

A girl comes up to Elena in the cafeteria and says that a guy named Klaus whats to have the last dance with her tonight at the school sixties dance!

Elena is shocked.

Klaus/Alaric is able to walk into Elena's new house without an invite and he does. He talks to everyone as if he is Alaric and when Damon questions whether or not they can stop Klaus, Bonnie blasts him away, showing him that she does in fact have the power to stop and kill him. And she will.

Klaus/Alaric looks frightened, though no one seems to notice.

Back at Klaus/Alaric's house, with the witch guy who is named Maddix(?) and Kat, they talk about how they will kill Bonnie (not Kat). Maddix says he will cast a spell protecting Klaus/Alaric so that Bonnie will over exert herself and die.

Matt comes and get Caroline from her house for the dance, and shares a glance with her mom.

Elena and Stefan have a heartoheart about Klaus and share a kiss, that Damon interrupts.

Klaus/Alaric dances to the music at the party and propostions a student to do him a favor.

Jeremy offers Bonnie his nondying ring, but she says it wont work on her. She says she is strong enough to stop Klaus and she wants him not to be worrying. He doesn't seem convinced, and Damon has heard them.

Elena receives a special shout out from Kluas, in the form of a song.

Caroline and Matt arrive and Stefan goes to fill her in, as Damon and Elena share a funny dance.

Damon then dances with Bonnie and they talk about increasing her odds in surviving.

A plan, perhaps?

Jeremy leaves the dance and Stefan follows him to talk. Jer tells him that Bonnie isn't strong enough to fight Klaus, 'cus she will die.

Elena now knows about Bonnie and her sucide misson because Stefan told her. Elena refuses to let Bonnie die for her, but Bonnie says she has to, which makes them both get teary eyed.

Klaus/Alaric has apparently compelled more then one student as a group of guys jump Jeremy, though he is saved by Damon and Stefan.

Stefan realizing that this only a distraction sends Damon to find Elena.

Klaus/Alaric finds her and Bonnie first and tells them that Klaus has Jeremy and they run to help out.

Oh . . . . trouble.

Klaus/Alaric has Bonnie and Elena cornered  and tells them he is Klaus!

He is after Bonnie tonight, not Elena.

He tries to attack Bonnie, but Bonnie blastes him back. She is kicking his ass!

The girls run and Damon appears and he Bonnie seem to form a plan.

Bonnie is searching for Klaus and finds him in the cafe and breaks his fingers.

 . . . then his shoulder.

And her nose starts to bleed.

She creates a powerful wind and storm in the cafe, her voice amplfying . . .

She magickally shuts the doors as Elena and Stefan try to stop her, slamming on the door.

She is causing sparks to soar around in the air, pummeling Klaus to the ground.

 . . . . She turns to look at Elena, blood spilling out of her nose. She does the slightest smile, as Elena screams for her to stop and then she drops to the ground and everything goes dark as the sparks disappear.

The doors open and Elena and Stefan run to her unmoving body.

Elena cries and screams, but its too late. Bonnie . . . . .

Bonnie . . . .

 . . . . . . . . .is dead.

Damon, who I am seriously hating with a passion right now, shrugs it off and tells Stefan to take Elena away so he can get rid of the body.

Elena screams in protest, crying for Jeremy and that Bonnie is her friend, but Stefan takes her away.


 . . . . I was waiting for this moment since forever, the death of Bonnie, because it just felt like it was going to happen.

But it makes it no easier to deal with.

Bonnie was my fav character on this show.

She will be missed . . .

 . . . . . . .so sad.

Jeremy runs up to Damon, asking him, where Bonnie is.

He didn't see him dump her in his car.

At Elena's house Stefan comforts the grieving Elena, telling her its not her fault.

Damon walks in and Elena asks him if he knew Bonnie would die.

He says yes.

She smacks him.

He doesn't react, but tells her to listen.

So she does.

Bonnie had to die, he says, or Klaus would have never left or stopped till she was.

She had to die.

She knew it.

So she cast a spell.

Back at the old plantation house, where Bonnie got the spirits of the witches, her corpse is there, surronded by candles, as Jeremy lites them.

He lites the last candle and the corpse gasp for air and Bonnie is back to life.


So happy . . . . .!

Stefan tells Damon that the only way to protect Elena is to do what needs to happen!

 Bonnie is going to stay at the old witches house and Jeremy decides to stay there too. He has a laptop with a camera and Bonnie and Elena cry and talk.

At Elena's house Elena thanks Damon, but tells him that Bonnie will never die for her again.
Damon says she will, becasue he will always choose her. Elena. Over everything.

 . . . . . Damon, Damon, Damon.

Elena leaves and stares around her oddly.

Is she Kat?



Elena goes to the basement and into the cellar where Elijah is kept.

She removes the dagger.

Sits back and waits for him to wake up.

Holy crap!!

Elena, what are you doing?!?

This was a crazy episode and I loved it!

An Awesome 5/5 Ep!

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