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Thursday, April 7, 2011

VD Season 2 Ep 17 "Know Thy Enemy"

The awesome that is The Vampire Diaries which has been on break for over a month, returned tonight and
Heres' What Happened!:

The ep picks up right where the previous left off. Isabelle spills the beans about everyone knowing that she was alive and Jenna is shocked and sad and cries.

The Vampire Diaries . . .

Damon and Stefan are talking with Kat, who tells them not to tell Isabelle that she is still in town, because they might need to do a switch-a-roo in the future.

Alaric comes over to talk to Jenna who is leaving to stay on campus. John talks crap to Alaric who bloodies up his nose with a punch.

Caroline has been keeping a leash on Matt, slipping him vervaine, but he has managed to disappear.

John brings Elena and Stefan downstairs to see that Isabelle is in the house and they all need to talk. Isabelle and John reveal that they were only trying to kill all the vamps (last season) including Stefan and Damon was to protect Elena, from any of the vamps finding her and bringing her to Klaus.

Isabelle tells Elena that she bought her a house in her name, so that no vamp can ever enter. She says she wants to save Elena.

Bonnie who has apparently let everyone know that she has her powers back, is at Luka's house with Jeremy and Damon and is looking for a spell book, which she magicks out from the bookshelf.

Isabelle walks into her house with John and turns around to attack Kat, but its revealed to be playful rivalry as the two embrace.

Isabelle tells Kat that she is making a bargain with Klaus to protect her, not Elena.

Isabelle tells Kat that she knows a witch in Klaus's inner circle who can help them out, but first they need Elena and the moonstone and Kat agrees to find it, 'cus though she doesn't want to betray the brothers again, Bonnie doesn't have any powers and things aren't getting done.

I guess Kat doesn't know about Bonnie!

Katherine walks into the Salvatore house in the middle of Elena, Damon's and Stefans convo, and the three get quiet, refusing to tell her whats up.

Caroline is at Tyler's house where some social gathering is occurring and she talks with Elena and Stefan about Matt, who she still cant find.

Damon, Jeremy and Bonnie are at the place where the witches were burned. It is a large field with a white house, which the trio enter. There is magick lingering in the air, because Damon somehow becomes trapped in a shaft of sunlight and starts to burn, but Bonnie uses a spell to break him free.

Kat is searching the house for the moonstone and even looks in the fireplace. Her hands get dirty so she goes to wash them and what do you know? In the soap dish, disguised as a bar of soap is the moonstone.

Alaric is getting into his car and Isabelle appears. Isabelle tells Alaric that she loved him so much and she had to let him go and "He's all yours". A pair of hands appear around Ric's head and he falls to the ground revealing a witch doing a spell.

Isabelle walks away, fighting back tears.

I think she might be compelled!

hmmmmmm.. . . . .... .

In the house, Bonnie can hear the spirits of the witches talking to her and soon, Jeremy starts to hear them too as all the candles in the house catch a blaze.

She is ready to start channeling the magick.

Back at Tyler's house, Elena is accepting an award on her mothers behalf when Isabelle appears upstairs and attacks John, saying she is providing a distraction. She bites him, drinks and throws him down the stairs.

Everyone runs to see whats happened, when Kat appears dressed as Elena and covers her mouth and swoops her away!

Is John dead!??!

Whats going on!

Stefan talks to Elena and asks her if she alright and she says yes, then attacks her realizing its Katherine, who precedes to inject him with vervaine and he falls.

Meanwhile, John is declared dead (yes!) and Damon brings him home.

Matt appears, furious and demands of Caroline's mother, to know why she covered up Vickie's death, when it was a vampire attack.

Isabelle calls Kat and says she is sorry, but he wanted the moonstone and her.

Kat is confused, but realizes too late as he tries to run and is slammed back by the same witch that got Alaric earlier, and is knocked out!

Elena is shown waking up in the back of Isabelle's car!


Love, VD, always full of surprises!!

Matt is at Caroline's house and though he is still scared of her, he wants to know everything.

Bonnie shows Jeremy some of the power the spirits of the witches gave her and she is able to make a tornado of leaves, dark sky and lighting!


Damon and Stefan search Isabelles' house, but find nothing.

Isabelle takes Elena to a graveyard and shows her, her grave that her parents made, even though there is no body beneath dirt.

Isabelle tells Elena that she is so sorry and that she loves her and regrets choosing to become a vampire. She is telling Elena, that becoming a vampire is something she doesn't want for her, when she gets a call from the witch telling her she is finished.

Isabelle hangs up, tells Elena she is so sorry and removes her lapis lazuli pendant, and burns in the rays of the sunlight and dies!


That was crazy!

Caroline and Matt talk about Carolines journey of being a vampire. Caroline says that she loves him, but its not enough for him.

He tells her to make him forget and she does.

Tis sad!

The brothers give Elena the deed their house, so that she will be safe and can invite who ever she wants in.

Then . . . John wakes!

He wasn't dead. And Elena wants to talk with him.

Jeremy is reading the journals by Emily and sees that if Bonnie uses too much magick, she will die. Bonnie says she is a witch for a reason and that she must keep those she loves safe and that she has to stop Klaus, no matter the consequence.

John and Elena talk and John says that from now on, he will do whatever she wants.
Matt gets into a car and there waiting for him is Caroline's mom! They both agree that the real Caroline is dead.

.......i smell mjr trouble! big trouble. and poor Caroline, she never gets a break!

Kat is on the floor and awakes to chanting.

A man sits in a chair and a witch is working magick over him.

The man is Alaric?

What the heck!?!?

Klaus has been placed inside of Alaric!


What an episode!?!?





That was sooooo crazy!

........and good!

5/5 Ep!

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