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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Traveller's Wife for Teens?

Debut author, Tamara Ireland Stone (awesome name!)  has written a book called Mobius and it said to be The Time Traveller's Wife, but for teens!

Mobius is about Anna, a 16-year-old living in a small town in Illinois in 1995, and Bennett, a 17-year-old in 2012 living in San Francisco, who can time travel. He finds himself in Anna's world, and the two fall in love even though they know Bennett will eventually have to go back to his own time.

'Driven and ambitious Anna Greene feels trapped in her Midwestern town until she meets Bennett Cooper, a handsome and mysterious time traveler who can hold her hands and take her anywhere in the world she wants to go at the speed of thought.

Anna Greene and Bennett Cooper were never supposed to meet. Why would they? Anna’s a sixteen-year-old in 1995, fiercely determined to secure a cross country running scholarship so she can leave her Midwestern town and travel the world. Bennett’s a seventeen-year-old in 2012, living in San Francisco and trying to figure out how to manage his gift of time travel—an extraordinary talent that has its perks, but also drives a rift between him and the people he loves.
When a minor lapse in judgment turns into a life-changing incident, Bennett finds himself in Anna’s world: March 1995. Evanston, Illinois. Over the next three months, Bennett and Anna can’t help but fall in love, even though they shouldn’t. After all, no matter how much Bennett wants to stay in 1995, they both know that Time will inevitably knock him right back where he belongs.'

Hyperion / Random House (UK) are the publishers who have taken the book under their wings and they say that the book is " . . . an astonishing debut novel; ingeniously plotted, achingly romantic and unputdownable."

I haven't read The Time Traveller's Wife, but I did watch the movie and thought it was amazing! A beautiful film, so I wonder what Mobius will be like . . . . It sounds a bit like Jumper and Time Traveller's Wife . . . .

I wish Tamara the best of luck and I can't wait to see her book out in stores next year, for the world to read!

VIST TAMARA HERE!: http://tamarairelandstone.com/

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