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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiersten White's AWESOME Advice!! (sortarhymes!)

Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy and the not-so-soon, but wish it were, to be released, sequel to Paranormalcy, Supernaturally, put up a post on her blog the other day that I really enjoyed and that I thought was honest and helpful and that I wanted to share!

She makes some very good points that I think all aspiring authors should follow. Writing is hard. Writing is fun. Writing is a job!! You have to sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams!!!

Great advice, Kiersten!!!

Her Post Below!:

"Keys on Notes. Notes on Keys. Keynotes.

Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Teen Author Boot Camp (put on by the super cool writing group Writers Cubed) and give the keynote speech. It was the first one I've ever done and, in spite of minor technical difficulties at the beginning quickly solved by the tech savvy organizers (which also gave me the opportunity to decide my next imaginary band should be named Technical Difficulties), I had a great time and felt like it went well.
Plus, speaking to an audience made up entirely of teen writers? You really can't get a better group than that. I was so impressed with the teens I met there. My favorite events are always the ones focused around teenagers. There's a reason I write for them. That reason is that they are awesome and hilarious and so much cooler and put together than I remember being at that age...

Anyhow, some people asked if I could post my keynote. I'm not going to type out everything I said because aside from a few slides with key points, I mostly ad libbed the whole thing. (AND! I managed to only talk fast, instead of waywaywaytoofast!) But today and tomorrow I'll share my powerpoint slides for some of it with you. 

Today, my main tips for moving from being a real writer to being a realer writer. Keep in mind I spoke more on each of the points; please just imagine what I would have said, and while you are at it imagine I said it while standing at a perfect 5'7" height, with flawless hair and makeup, and that everything was brilliant and funny and astonishingly applicable.


What do you think of Kiersten words?

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