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Friday, April 22, 2011

Artemis Fowl and Saoirse Ronan!!

Artemis Fowl written by author Eoin Colfer has been in talks to become a film since, I don't know, like the dawn of time or something (maybe not that long), and the newest news in a long line of nonhappening news, is that the brilliant actor, Saoirse Ronan is in talks to play fairy, Holly Shorts!!

Saoirse Ronan has been in films such as the brilliant, The Lovely Bones, Atonement, Hanna, and The City of Ember!!

This is just a rumor, but hopefully its true so that it means that movie is actually going to happen!!

 . . . . . but and there is a but, another rumor is that the exects behind the making of the film are planning of combining the first two books in the series into one movie AND make up an entirely new ending!


I will never understand why Hollywood thinks its a good idea to take a book and butcher it when making it a film. It doesn't work, never has and never will. Examples?: Eragon, Inkheart, The Golden Compass, Spiderwick Chronicles, and A Series of Unforuntate Events are just a few.

I realllly hope they snap to their senses and realize its a bad idea and make the movie accurately . . . but I'm sure its just wishful thinking . . .  *sighs*

VISIT THE AUTHOR HERE!: http://www.eoincolfer.com/

What do you think of Saoirse and the movie changes?


  1. One: Holly's last name is Short, and two: She doesn't look anything like Holly Short, but I guess it can't be perfect. At least they have one actress right?

  2. Her name is Holly Short, right you are.

  3. isn't holly short mixraced? it says in the book she has tanned skin?

  4. @Anon, I don't think she is, but I'm sure that if Saorise does actually get the role, they will make her tan, because she is very fair skinned. :~))))


  5. Saorise is perfect for the role, but the mashing two books into one film part? Artemis Fowl (first book) has a brilliant story line that could easily fit into one film, be really interesting to watch AND they wouldn't have to destroy the storyline, making the film incomprehensible. Plus, Artemis changes so much from the first book to the second that it would be more difficult to squish two books into one than it would be to leave them as they are.

    With the Artemis Fowl books being so popular, it would waste the filmmakers time and money to make a mash up. They could make more money making each film individually. Imagine how much money film makers earned extra when they decided not to mash up Harry Potter! Such a decision could change the film industry, as it would prove once and for all that when you have a popular book, you do NOT throw away the opportunity.

    Though, as I said before, they definitely have the right actress for Holly. Please let them get it right with Artemis himself too! If they don't pick a child actor (a 12-13 year old), it wont work. So no Daniel Radcliffe, before anyone even tries to suggest it: he's too old and isn't Irish.

  6. For one thing, Eoin Colfer is actually working on the movie, so it won't be Hollywood-mangled.
    And you got Holly Short's name wrong.
    I would advise you to do a little research before you post.
    Eoin Colfer has posted on his Facebook that he likes Saoirse Ronan for Holly.

    1. Firstly, thanks for all your help, it was very helpful. Secondly, this post is a year old, so maybe you, person who decided to comment anonymously instead of using your real name (I wonder why???), should do a little more research. Thirdly, I said I liked Saorise as Holly. Was going to delete your trolling comment, but I rather have people read the not so intelligent things you have to say.

      Thanks Again!!

      ~Valen Steel