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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"WOLFSBANE" New Cover?

Though I did not love Nightshade, by author Andrea Cremer, I really liked the world and the story and thought it was a very good read. But what I did LOVE about the book was the incredible cover! I thought the cover was one of the most beautiful covers ever and I liked the cover for Wolfsbane just as much . . . . well not anymore!!!




Can you tell which ones are the original? ;-<)

It appears that Cremer's publishing house has decided to take a new route with the covers and turn them into something we have seen over and over and over again, i.e. not original!!

Like I said, I really enjoyed Nightshade, but didn't love it --- however, after checking the book out from the library and reading it, I decided to buy it, because, A) there was a sequel and B) the cover was too cool to not own!!!

I would never give either of these books a second glance while shopping online or walking through a book store, because they look like they are published by unknown publishing houses trying to throw out cheap work and make a quick buck.

Really disappointed with these lame turn of events . . .

Eh, not my cup of tea --- AT ALL!!

What are your thoughts on the cover changes?

p.s. why are Calla's legs spread open like she is an erotic dancer? if she is suppose to be resembling a wolf, she ain't doing a very good job at it!

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  1. She probably is supposed to be crouching, you know like before she springs?