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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After the editor of Wicked Pretty Things, Trisha Telep, made a homophobic comment concerning a male on male love interest (nothing beyond a kiss) in a short story written for the anthology by author, Jessica Verday, and asking for the romance to be changed from m/m to f/m, Verday dropped out of the anthology refusing to alter her characters, and many of the other authors including, Jackson Pearce, Seanan McGuire, Karen Mahoney, Lesley Livingston, Brenna Yovanoff and Lisa Mantchev have also withdrawn their short stories from the dark, fairy romance based anthology. . .

 . . . and I say, WHOOT!

I 100% agree with these authors decisions to extract their writing from this anthology and not allowing any money to be filtered down to this Trisha Telep, whom, I recently supported by buying two of her anthologies a month back. blah . . .

Telep maybe a really nice, sweet and kind person, but she must not have known who she was dealing with when she created this anthology of dark, fairy romance! Many YA authors are LGBTQ friendly (not a fan of that phrase) and of course would not tolerate anything like this. I mean coooooome on - it was just a kiss, nothing more and even if it was . . .

So the question now is, since so many authors are dropping out of the Wicked Pretty Things anthology, which I was once very excited about, will there even be a dark, fairy romance anthology any more? So many authors have pulled out their writing and more might continue to do so and so many have also vowed to never write for anything edited by Telep again that, if Running Press, the publishing house behind WPT, doesn't clean up this mess, there probably wont be a WPT anthology and they might just see a lacking in their future sales.

p.s. and the buzz from the authors is to support the authors who write for Running Press, but not necessarily Trisha Telep herself . . . who as of yet, has only made a cheerful, half-hearted apology that no one is buying!

What do you think of whats going on? Do you think the authors are acting too rash or just right?


  1. The editor apologized very sincerely on Jessica's blog last Friday, but the apology was not published until yesterday. It sounds like the editor attributed her behavior to temporary ditziness rather than to any overt malice toward people who identify as LGBTQ. This makes sense since many of the authors she has worked with in the past have submitted romances between same sex characters to other anthologies. I get the sense that a lot of future misunderstanding could be averted if the editor would only step up and tell her side of the story.

  2. All in all, were it not for Telep's close mindedness, I'm sure this would have been a fantastic book. One can only hope that all the stories that would have been in its pages will be released someday soon, or that the project will get picked back up again with a new editor.