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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sucker Punch!

Now, I know that Sucker Punch, is not a book/film based off a book, but I just came home from the theaters and I watched Sucker Punch. . . It was brilliant!!

This was one bad ass movie with amazing special effects and action, but above all, brilliant casting choices and story lines. The acting in this film was incredibly great and usually films like this, the action is what becomes the main focus, but not in this film. Zack Synder, the genius behind this creation did an above awesome job constructing this film and I loved every second of it, though I did miss about four minutes, because try as I might to hold it, I had to pee!

I missed the great dragon scene, but, I will be buying the biggest bluray option when its released on home video, so I can see it then!

The music in this film was terrific and fit every mood of every scene perfectly!

Emily Browning is a great actor and her role as Baby Doll was unbelievable. Everyone acted amazingly!!

Sucker Punch was just a great film and I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to my films, shows and especially books!

You should definitely go watch this movie, because it is an unique, mind-blowing ride that makes you feel like your in a dream - a dream that's scary, sad, beautiful and that you wont want to leave!!!

p.s. the critics bashing this film have some serious issues --- whats wrong with them, its fiction, you cant take everything literal!

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  1. It is based off a book, well a graphic novel I think.