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Monday, March 21, 2011

PLL Season One Finale! "For Whom the Bell Tolls"!

This is the final episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars!!

Here's How It Ended:

The girls are watching the videos from last episode. Toby and Jenna are in one of the vids and Jenna is forcing Toby to have sex with her with threats of rape. Spence makes them shut it off.

The girls are firm on believing that Ian killed Allie and they want Jenna's help to find out the truth.

"Got a secret, can you keep it ? . . . ."

Aria's parents are talking and seem to be on good terms, Bryon, the dad, invites Ella, the mom, to the faculty meeting as a couple. Aria gets text from Ezra about Garrett coming over last ep.

Hannah's mom gives her a pep talk and tells her about the letter from Caleb, but Hannah doesn't think about it and says that he looked at her and just left.

Melissa is talking about her christening for the baby and Spencer says that it wont be human, which makes everyone upset.

Emily's mom talks to her about her dad's assignment being extended and how they need to move to Texas to be with him. Em can't believe it and adamantly says no.

Ezra's text were about Spencer and the trophy and Ian and such, and he tells Aria that he quit his job and is going to work at the college. Aria is happy (last ep she hated the idea, but OK) and they are glad that they can finally be seen together outside of school.

Hannah questions Mona about the letter, but she evades the question and seems genuinely sad for her.

Oh and Lucas! He is finally back!! From where, idk . . .Hannah asks if he will always be mad at her and he says, yerp, pretty much.

Jenna walks to the band room and the girls follow and question her. They tell her about the vids and how Toby didn't want her.

Jenna: "What do you want?" To the girls.

"The truth, can you handle that?" -- AWESOME line, Hannah!

Jenna tells them about Allie visiting them at the hospital and all that she was capable of.

Flashback to Jenna at hospital and Allie telling her the boy she likes, likes to make videos, Ian(?) I guess. She threatens her with the video of her and Toby and then leaves, telling her to never return to Rosewood, or she will bury her.

But she was the one who got buried!
I feel sorry for Jenna, I really do, but she is so kreepy and crazy!

The girls are at lunch plotting to blackmail Ian with the vids. They send him a blocked text saying they had Allie's vids and he looks at it, freaked and leaves the cafe. He replies, wanting to know what they want and Hannah replies with 10k and then Mona appears and sits down with them. All the girls leave and Hannah accidentally leaves her phone. Of course it rings and Mona picks it up. Its Caleb and she is glad? . . .

No. She tells Caleb that she gave Hannah his letter and she didn't care, and Lucas comes up and Mona promises to hook him up with Hannah if he just shuts up, oh, and she doesn't want Hannah to get hurt anymore. yeah, right . . .

Jenna is on the phone and says they have the vid and they've seen it. She is talking to Ian.

Garrett approaches Emily and they talk and he seems to be flirting with her? hmm . . . OK.

Em and Hannah talk about Em moving to Texas and Emily promises to not return with big hair. ; > 0 (Em gives Hannah her phone, that Lucas apparently gave to her)

Toby and Spence are studying and sit together on the couch, cuddling.

Jenna is in her room talking to . . . Garrett and they kiss. He promises to protect her!


I knew Garrett was fishy, but - with Jenna!! Like that twist!

So was Jenna talking with Ian on the phone or Garrett?

At the faculty party(?) that serves wine, Aria answers the door to see Jackie, Ezra's Xgrlfrnd!

Spence is sleeping on Toby's lap when she gets a text from Melissa saying that Ian never showed up at the church and she needs a ride.

Spencer and Toby are being all romantic and Spence leaves with a kiss!

Aria is in her room when Ezra appears and they talk. Aria is angry as they talk about Jackie. Ezra says he does not care about her, but Aria doesn't believe him.

Hannah cries on the steps and deletes Caleb's number from her cell.

Lucas is driving in a car and in the passengers seat is Caleb. He is bringing him to Hannah.

You go Lucas!!
Spencer and Melissa are in the car . . . when they get in a car crash!!! BOOM!

Did Melissa loose the baby?! I don't like her, but that would be awful!

The girls get a text.

"Buckle up Bitches, nothing is as it seems" -- A

Spencer sees all of the texts from the girls and calls them . . . Aria tells her to stay with Melissa when a car pulls up and they say he's finally here--- Its Garrett!

I smell trouble!

Garrett and the girls talk and say they have to wait for Ian to show.

Spence goes back to the church to get Melissa's phone (dummy).

Back with the girls and Garrett, a car appears and a guy walks out, but its not Ian, its his hired messenger!

Back at the church, Ian is with Spence and knows about the fake text!

"Do you want some popcorn to go with that?" says Spencer as she throws the video evidence at Ian and runs, to the top of the bell tower, where he throws her down --but she grabs a hold of him and he holds onto the banister, as she grips to him for dear life.

Spencer managed to call Em, as she was running and the girls listen as he confesses to killing Allie, by accident. He pushed her and she hit her head, but Spence reminds him that she was suffocated!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?

Someone walks by and throws Ian over, allowing Spencer to pull herself up and Ian fall into the ropes of the bell, hanging himself. It also appears that Ian knew who the person was, 'cus he asked what they were doing here!

Was it Melissa?


The girls finally arrive and Spencer tells them what happened. The police are here and after being in the church, searching, they show the girls that Ian is not here. He is gone.


So who is A?!

What on Earth just happened?!

......and what will happen next?

"Its Not Over Until I Say It Is.
Sleeptight Bitches,
While You Still Can!"

Perfect Awsomness of an Ending!!


Pretty Little Liars returns June 14, with an all new season!!!

But, sadly, its on a Tuesday, which means its competing with Glee....that's not good, 'cus I need to watch both! UGH. I really hope PLL does not get cancelled since people who watch PLL will be watching Glee instead! I wont, 'cus I will Hulu Glee, but . . . I just hope it still gets its ratings.
p.s. its being kicked to tuesdays because of that stupid nonsense known as the secret life of the (lamest ever ever ever) american teenagers! no offense if your fan, but it already made me loose kyle xy, by stealing its time slot! enough rambling . . .Pretty Little Liars, again, returns June 14, this Summer!!

Can Not Wait!!!

Find out more about the books at http://www.prettylittleliars.com/author/ and watch the show at http://abcfamily.go.com/!   

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