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Monday, March 14, 2011

PLL Season 1 Ep 21 "Monsters in the End"

Soooooo, last week I was not able to watch PLL which sucked, but I had to study for two midterms the next day and it lasted well into the early morning. Lucky for me, I got A's on both of them, so, YES!!

Heres' What Happened on Pretty Little Liars:

The girls are at the Apple Grille talking about helping Spencer and needing to find out what Caleb knows.

Someone is outside watching them, but no one sees them but Spencer. There are mannequins out there for the Founders'  Day Festival (Similar to VD, who helped make PLL!)the other girls says is just the dolls. They leave and Spencer hesitantly watches, but cant quite see who is watching them. Behind one of the dolls is . . . Garett?


"Got a secret, can you keep it ? . . . ."

Melissa is being a bitch talking about pills she is taking for the baby and how Spence will probably being wearing handcuffs at her baby shower. Blah!

Spencers' mom tells Spence to stop talking to Toby so that people will see her as a good girl and believe she is not guilty.

Mona is being nice to Hannah telling her she is sorry for not protecting her against Caleb. That's nice for Mona and sorta creepy. . . is she up to something!?

Caleb tries talking to Aria who blows him off and Paige tells Emily that she has gotten tickets for their date to a concert and that  she wants to talk to gay counselors? hmm . . .

Aria spills coffee on Ezra on purpose so that they can talk and plan for a date during school time.

Hannah talks with Caleb about what Jenna wanted and he tells her. He also says that when his feelings for her became real he told her to back off, but she wouldn't.

Jenna wanted a key. A key that Allison had and Jenna now wants!

Aria is at Ezra's apartment waiting for him to come home from his meeting when so goes on his computer and sees a picture of him with some girl in Italy. This girl is wearing an engagement ring.


Aria is shocked and leaves.

The girls are talking about what the key could possibly be and take turns bashing Caleb and Aria tells them about Ezra and the pics.

Toby is fixing his motorcycle as he and Spencer talk and the police watch them. They agree to meet up later at the Festival, as Jenna tells Toby to drive her to school. Garrett is the cop watching and talks to Spence about how she has to be trailed by the cops and it should be him 'cus he thinks she is innocent.

Em arrives at the cafe where she is suppose  to meet with Paige and gaypridecounsler, Samara(?), but Paige doesn't show up and Em and the gaypridecounsler girl, seem to be flirting!

Paige, where you at?

Spence is at the Festival helping decorate against her will and Ian and Melissa are being disgustingly sweet and are caught in a mjr lie!! Melissa says that the view at the Hilton Head Hotel where both Ian and Allie stayed previously, has a great view of the ocean, but annoying, townlady (reverend's wife) says that the Hilton does not have a view of the ocean. Melissa claims to have stayed at the hotel with Ian, but apparently, she didn't!! Melissa quickly back tracks, but Spencer knows something is up now!

At the Festival, Emily sees Paige and she and Samara talk and Samara clearly flirts with Em in front of Paige and Paige is mad with Em for telling Samara her business.

Caleb stops by Hannah's house to drop off stuff and talks with her mom who tells him to go the Festival and talk with Hannah.

Aria has made a fake social friend page to contact Ezra's mystery girl, Jackie, but deletes her when her friend request is accepted.

Caleb comes to the Festival and gives a letter to Mona to give to Hannah, before he leaves. Mona reads it and rips it up and dumps soda all over it, not giving it to Hannah. In the wetness of ink on the page, you can see "I Love You Hannah"

Awe . . . Mona! What are you doing girl!?! I know you claim your protecting Hannah, but I just don't believe you..... What is up?

At Ezra's apartment Aria tells him about the photo and she wants to know the truth. He tells Aria that Jackie was his first serious girlfriend and that he really loved her. They never got married 'cus she broke off the engagement . . .

NO! Please don't say that Ezra will leave Aria and the show to be with this Jackie girl. I mean, I can see it going there so that their relationship with have real closure, but, still NO!

Em is looking at the earrings Samara bought her when she gets a text from both Paige and A!

Em remembers a snow globe that Allie gave her and how she told her it was really valuable. Emily examines the snow globe and finds a key underneath to a storage room. The Key!

Aria rushes to Em's house after a text from her and when she walks down the hall, Garrett is there watching her. He now knows about her and Mr. Fitz?!?


At the Festival, Spence gets a text from Toby who has claimed to have lost his phone and is using someoneelse's. Spencer goes into this fun house to meet up with (seriously, Spencer? why you being stupid? a'course it's not Toby!) him and gets trapped in a closet by A. She screams for help but no one hears her. Aria and Hannah go the storage room where the key belongs to and leave Spencer behind.

Garrett goes to Ezra's apartment and tells him they need to talk.

Holly Crap!!!

Caleb is leaving for Arizona and Hannah won't stop him, despite Aria telling her to.

Someone breaks open the closet letting out Spencer and its Ian. Hmm . . .?

Spencer leaves with her mom and others and stops to hug and kiss Toby, in front of everyone.


The other girls go to the storage room and find Allie's old lunchbox with a usb drive.

Later they all watch videos on it and see that for years, someone has been watching them and they believe that it was the reason that Allie was murdered, 'cus she knew about it!!

Next week is the Season Finale!!!

Can not wait . . . .

Find out more about the books at http://www.prettylittleliars.com/author/ and watch the show at http://abcfamily.go.com/!   

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