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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep 16 'The House Guest'

Unless you have been living in a tree somewhere in the jungle, you have heard of the CW show/book series, The Vampire Diaries that is - was written by author L.J. Smith and that comes on every Thursday night at 8 p.m. on the CW.

I love VD and it easily my favourite show on TV at the moment. I utterly and completely prefer it over Twilight and even, dare I say, True Blood. I loved loved LOVED True Blood the first season, but the previous two have been waaaay less then great. Way less.

Anyways, like how I have started posting about Pretty Little Liars, I will now start blogging about VD after every episode with my thoughts, feelings and the overall jest of the ep!

AND HERES a really awesome vid I recently discovered for VD, that I think you'll enjoy!

The artist is the incredible Sky Ferreira who I tell everyone about and the song is called 'Obsession'! Here are some links to her really great music vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxFFJu7RVuk , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMvWA7Vv96w and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr4EQtoY2lo!!

Now on to the VD review:

The ep starts off with Elena and Stefan kissing and being all cute - cut to Damon who is sitting on the couch and who can't help but watch as Elena walks by.

Zoom! Damon speeds on over to Elena and holds her by the throat believing she is Katherine. Elena pleads for him to let go, as Stefan walks up. Damon lets go and Elena is confused as to why he would think she is Katherine, "Is she out of the tomb?" Yes -

Stefan speeds to his room and throws Kat against the closet choking her, but she claims she is Elena. What? Enter the real Kat, the one Damon choked and Stefan lets go of Elena.

Matt tells Caroline of Tyler visiting before he left town, but not what he said, which was to take care of her. Matt loves Caroline and tells her that its all up to her, she has to make the next move.

Elena is mad that Kat's out of the tomb and wants her out of the house, but Katherine swears she is here to help them fight and kill Klaus.

Bonnie and Jeremy do a brief kiss in the hall and Bonnie decides she wants to talk to Luca.

Damon has some fun with using a flame thrower and burning Elijah though he doesn't 'die'. Damon is having waaay too much fun with this btw. He continues to burn Elijah, who can't really die, since he is an Original.

Elena and Alaric have a heart to heart about Jenna and Alaric says he has to tell her the truth because he loves her.

Stefan and Bonnie talk to Luca and his pops, Dr. Martin, and they agree to safe Luca's sister and kill Klaus, but not really. Luca's dad says they have to find Elijah and bring him back to life.

Elena, Bonnie and Caroline are having a girls night out and Jenna comes in and is invited to hang with them to help her vent over her break-up with Alaric.

Luca and his dad put their plan into motion and Luca magics his way into the Salvtore home, invisible from head to foot, where he searches the house and finds Elijah and begins pulling out the stake, when Kat stops him, only to have herself stabbed by the invisible witch!

Damn! This show is soooo brilliant!

Damon speeds in and saves her, as Luca starts pulling out the stake again, but only until Damon uses the flame thrower he was torching Elijah with earlier and burns Luca to death, despite his fathers attempts to magically save him.

Then at a bar, where Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Jenna are, Caroline goes on stage where a band has just finished playing and glamours the singer to be her background players while she sings, confessing her love for Matt, and they kiss in the lights of the stage.

OK, really korny, but still, nice. Sorta. ; )

Stefan is then at Luca's apartment where Luca's father has started a new spell, one that seemly is meant to kill Elena, since he is chanting over her hairbrush and other items he stole from her room.

Kat and Damon leave to go help Stefan with Elena and Kat says she has a plan. I wonder what that is . . .

Bonnie finally tells Elena that she likes her little bro, Jeremy and Elena tells her that he deserves happiness and no one would be better then her. Awe, that's lame, yet very sweet, I guess.

And no, its revealed that Dr. Martin still wants Elena alive so that she can be the sacrifice and after he vampirebrainzaps Stefan he leaves for the bar, where Caroline and Matt are making out in the bathroom. Bonnie notices him as he walks in and she tries to talk to him, but he ignores her, sets fire to the place and then, as a diversion to get Elena out of the bar, Caroline attacks him.

Dr. Martin vampirebrainzaps her and Matt, the ohso noble gent he is tries to attack Luca's dad, only to get stabbed in the throat with a broken bottle, much to Caroline's screams of dismay!


Though I totally saw that coming, it is still krazy!

Is Matt dead?!?!



. . . . .

No, thank goodness, he's not. Caroline feeds him her blood and heals him.

Stefan and Elena go home where Jeremy and Bonnie are talking about Luca's death.

Elena walks up the stairs to the bathroom and is about to throw water on her face when Dr. Martin appears and is about spell her, but she jumps back revealing she is actually Katherine.

Kat pounces and rips at his throat killing him. Bonnie and Jeremy and Stefan run up stairs and Bonnie is sad, though she knows it had to be done. She reaches down to close his eyelids when he sits up straight and grabs her head, making the whole room shake and her scream (giving her, her powers back perhaps?), before Stefan breaks his neck, really killing him!

Kat and Elena talk, saying how they don't like each other and Kat says
that all she wants is to help them kill Klaus and that means keeping Elena safe.

Bonnie and Jeremy are talking and being all sweet when she reveals that yep, Luca's pops did indeed restore her powers and something else - the secret to killing Klaus!!

The episode draws to an end with Caroline revealing to Matt she is a vampire. Matt freaks out, which is so sad for Caroline as she cries and he tries to run away, finally able to believe what Vicky told him the previous season about there being vampires, but Caroline is forced to stop as he continues to freak out.

Elena and Jenna are eating ice cream when there is a knock on the door. Jenna answers and Elena, feeling something is up, follows her:

"I'm Elena's mother"

Elena: "Isobel . . ."

Jenna's face = SHOCK!!


Sadly, though VD will not return until friggin April 7! APRIL 7!!! That's horrible, but I can not wait!!!

Though still, a great ep, it wasn't the best of the season, so All in All it gets a 4/5!

You Can Watch The Vampire Diaries @ http://www.cwtv.com/ and buy they books @ http://www.amazon.com/L.-J.-Smith/e/B000AQ3EMA/ref=sr_tc_ep?qid=1298591814 !

Don't Forget, VD, EVERY Thursday at 8 p.m. on the CW!

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