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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Review 1

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Ep 18 "The Bad Seed" Review

I have never read any of the PLL books before, but I have heard they are really great. I'm just not into those kind of books, the Chick Books and I say that not offensively, just matter-o-factly 'cus PLL is targeted to teenage girls, so when the PLL TV Series premiered I didn't think I would like it, though the previews were fantastic. But from the very first minute it started, I knew this show was going to be great!!  And it is and it never disappoints!

So from now, I will blog about PLL, after every episode.  

BTW, last weeks episode was AMAZING!!

The ep starts off with the girls talking about the school play 'The Bad Seed', that Hanna is signing up for and so is Mona and her BIG ego. Krazy girl, but still oddly cool. Enters Jenna, kreepy and tall, wanting to compose the music for the play, she plays the flute. She talks to Mr. Fitz as the girls watch, stating that she is fascinated by evil. Jenna is really kreepy and my friend told me the other day she makes her afraid of blind people, which is redic, but I sorta have to agree. Jenna is blind, but she somehow is able to stare directly at a person as if she can see their soul, boohoo. ; )

Spencer walks down the stairs and hears a baby crying? FTW! Spooky - then she wakes up. Its a nightmare both dreamwise and real life. A child of her crazy sister Melissa and brother-in-law Ian, that's not a good combo. I'm pretty sure that Melissa killed Allie and is threatening Ian with the video of him and A doing the deed, basically saying that if you don't marry me and get me preggers, I will give the vid to the police and they will think you killed Allison. Plus statutory rape = MJR jail time for Ian.

Aria and Ezra are a nice couple, but how can it end good? Idk. How much older is he anyways?
Caleb and Hanna also spend sometime in the shower together when Caleb is showering and Hanna is grabbing her makeup, her mom walks in. SO, Hanna jumps into the shower to hide and can't help but check out Caleb's butt. Hey, what happened to Lucas? He just disappeared after the dance . . .hmmmm.

Jenna and Ian have a chat and exchange a bag. Whats going on with them? I hope its good! And why is Paige calling Emily?

Side note, Lucy Hale is really beautiful. She should be Snow White in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

Flashback to the girls with A at a frat pad, where Ian follows a drunken, falling girl to the bedroom. What a kreep with a capital K!

Em and Toby make-up and decide to have a friendly date.

Mr. Fitz and Aria's dad have a beer date and talk about Ezra's life and job. It appears that Fitz is starting to doubt his relationship with Aria. ; ( Yes, he is, because they argue when he suggests leaving the high school and becoming a college professor.

Spencer convinces Toby to steal Jenna's cell to find out what is going on with her and Ian and what 214 means and then they hold hands. Sweet. But is Emily jealous? I don't think so, but  . . .?

Return to the frat party flashback where Hanna is still chubby, never fat in my opinion and the girl Ian was with has fallen down the railing of the stairs. Ian watches. Again, kreep! The poor girl is taken to the hospital, but I don't think it was Ian. Me thinks it was Allison, who was jealous of her being with Ian. She is nutty like that.

And then during play rehearsal, the girls find Ian's trophy with dried blood on the base and bring it to the police. FINALLY! but wait . . .its not human blood - its rat blood.

 Aria and Ezra make-up with a kiss, followed by Caleb and Hanna smooching! yerp, yerp!!

The girls are taken out of school by the police who think they are playing a game and Ian watches with a smile. Aria then has a thought. Where was A during the frat party? Did she knock the girl down to get her out of the way so she could be with Ian? I think so. You?

The ep ends with four cages with the girls names on each cage. All of the cages have white rats in them, all but Spencers'. Was it her 'rat' blood that was on the trophy? A sign? A warning?

Well find out soon enough!

All in All a Great Ep! 4.5!

'"Rat" me out.
 Your bloods next'
- A

Find out more about the books at http://www.prettylittleliars.com/author/ and watch the show at http://abcfamily.go.com/!

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