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Monday, February 28, 2011

PLL Review 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Ep 19 'A Person of Interest'

Here's What Happened:

The girls are being interrogated by the police, telling them of the video they saw with Ian and Allison. The police, don't seem to believe them. The girls parents talk about how the girls have been through enough, when the girls are approached by an officer named Garret who they apparently know because use to live down the road. The Chief seeing that Garret knows them, decides that he is going to help him find out if the girls are lying or not.

Hmmm? Who  really is Garret? And will he stick around?

Spencer's parents talk to her and tell her that she might need some help since she believes that Ian killed Allison. Then Melissa and Ian walk in all uber kreepy telling Spencer that they forgive her. Spencer upset and angry says that she doesn't care and that she doesn't feel safe in the house and that she knows Ian killed A. Ian says he should leave and Melissa gets angry that Spencer makes everything about her. Spencer's parents firmly believe that Spencer is going loco.

But shes' not. I don't think it was Ian who killed  A, but Melissa who did.

Paige is back and has been swimming at night to avoid Emily. Emily tries talking to her and Paige is all antsy starring around them. She tells Emily to forget their kiss and Emily says its forgotten.

Spencer is with Toby at a motel where he has decided to stay to avoid Jenna. Spencer hears music. Flute music and follows the sound. Its the same music Jenna was playing during the last episode. She finds the motel room where its coming from and peeks through the window where she sees the bag Ian gave Jenna. Spencer looks at the door and just above the no smoking sign, it says 214. Room 214. the mysterious number.

This is it right?

It has to be!

It is!

I think Ian and Jenna are doing the deed. Jenna does like guys shes not suppose to have.

Hanna is with Caleb in the kitchen when her mom walks in and he hides. Her mom tells her not to trust boys like Caleb and then she leaves. Caleb walks back in and the pair kiss, apparently an official couple.

Aria walks into Mr. Fitz(Ezra)'s  room and sees him talking with Jenna just before she receives a text from A saying that the Lover and the Scorned are buddy-ing up!

Hehehe, A is one wicked person! Love her . . .

Jenna leaves and Aria and Ezra talk about their date night and he tells her about Jenna's short story of a blind girl who is caught in a fire created by her brother. Mr. Fitz asks Aria if  Toby really started the fire on purpose and she says no.

In school Spencer sees Garret and tells him he needs to follow up on the case against Ian. Spencer is then at the motel with Toby and they pay the maid to let them into Jenna's room where they find the traded bag, but its empty.

Aria is in the bathroom and when she looks up into the sink mirror, Jenna is standing beside her. KREEP!They talk about Mr.Fitz and Jenna insinuates that Aria and he are together. Jenna's tells Aria that Big Brother is always watching.

Emily receives a note in her locker from Paige telling her to meet her at a bar.

Hanna and Caleb are making-out as they enter her house and are caught by her mom, he has found Caleb's bag in their basement. She makes Caleb leave and Hanna storms out after him, after her mom declines letting him spend the night since its getting dark.

Em goes to the bar and sees Paige. They talk about Maya and first kisses and Emily tells Paige about how she was in love with Allie. Awe, that's sad.

Aria and Ezra are at his apartment and he brings up Jenna and how he feels sorry for, really annoying Aria.

Hanna and Caleb are camping? Yerp, they are camping. That's funny and cute. They bond and Hanna tells Caleb about being 'fat' and Hefty Hanna and Caleb tells her how his mom dropped him off at his aunts' house and never came back. That's sad. And Hanna makes it better with a kiss.

At the bar, Paige is singing, um, really badly. She forces Em onto the stage and duo rock it! Sorta. ; <)

At the motel Spencer and Toby wait up for Jenna to return playing board games and Spencer, of course is winning . . . actually Toby is and Spencer is kind of annoyed.  Then Spencer watches as Toby changes clothes. :<). Bad girl.

Emily and Paige kiss.

Spencer, wearing Toby's shirt gets into Toby's bed as he sleeps and lies beside him.

Jenna and Caleb are about to . . .  wait! Yup, they are about to have sex. In the woods. In a tent. That's funny, but still nice. Don't worrying, they're being safe.

In Em's room, Em is texting Paige and Aria is avoiding the pondering Ezra who wants to know what really happened to Jenna, making her blind. He doesn't seem to think Aria did it, but he cant stop bringing it up.

Spencer wakes up with her arm around Toby and climbs out of bed as he wakes. They hear the flute playing and go to Jenna's room where they find a boombox playing the music and the BAG, with ice in it and a note from A that says their getting colder. Toby wants to know who A is and Spencer says she doesn't know.

Emily and Paige are picnicking in the woods, where they say how much they like each other, but Paige says she can't been seen with her EVER, after Emily asks her to a concert. Emily understanding, yet hurt, says she is not ashamed of who she is and can't go back in the closet for her.

Aria is upset and distraught as she enters Ezra's apartment. It appears she is going to tell him, how Jenna really got blind. Hmmm? How will take this news? I'm hoping guude, 'cus I like this couple.

Hanna arrives home from her camping trip with Caleb and her mom is mad at her, but Hanna ignores her and goes up stairs. Hanna's cell rings and it's Caleb. Her mom answers it.

Spencer leaves the motel and Toby invites her to always come back when she wants . . . then they kiss. Alot. This ep has a lot of kissing! Spencer is googly and Toby is grinning.

Caleb has been invited to dinner and Caleb and Hanna's mom have a little talk in which mommy tells Caleb that if he hurts her daughter he will regret it, but that he can stay in their guest room.

Aria has told Ezra about the fire in Jenna's garage(?) and he tells her he loves her and nothing will change.

Hanna and Caleb kiss goodnight and Caleb goes outside to make a call, where he says he's out and he can't do it anymore. FTW!? is going on! Is he talking to A? To Jenna? WHO!?!?

Then!! Melissa tells Spencer that Ian was with her the night Allison died 'cus she was getting an abortion!! Enter her parents who tell Spencer no more lies and that they know she was seeing Ian last year.

Aria, Hanna and Emily are outside of Spencer's house not knowing whats going when they get a text from A!

----A is watching a video just recorded of the girls outside of Spencer's as He or She, is eating popcorn ----


'Breaking news bitches!
Spencer Hastings is now a person of interest;
In my death'

This Ep, Gets A 4.5!

Find out more about the books at http://www.prettylittleliars.com/author/ and watch the show at http://abcfamily.go.com/!                                                                     

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