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Sunday, February 27, 2011


In My Mailbox this week I got a few bookish stuff!

Here is the stuff I got:

1. Two awesome bookmarks from Amazon. The first one you cant see very well, but it depicts a vampire in a white gown, scrawled in ivy and blood and its very beautiful. The second one says 'Keep Calm and Carry On'! You can find them and others just as grool, here: Peter Pauper Press at Amazon.com!

2. Kit's Wilderness by David Almond. I love this book and when I found a signed copy, I had to snatch it quickly!! You can visit the author here: http://www.davidalmond.com/

3. Sweep Series Omnibus 3 by Cate Tiernan. I devour these stories like a big devours everything. These books are great and deal with actual magick!! Love them! Visit the author here: http://catetiernan.org/

4. Balefire Omnibus by Cate Tiernan. Since I am fan of Cate's Sweep Series I knew I had to get myself a copy of the Balefire Omnibus!! Visit the author here: http://catetiernan.org/

Soooo, what did you get in your Mailbox? Let me know and if you read any of the books I got in my mailbox, tell me how you felt about them!

And again, IMM wouldn't be here without Kristi of the Story Siren @ http://www.thestorysiren.com/.

btw, i dont know whats going on with my picture set up, but i will try to fix it soon!

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